Event Reward 3x Chests Disappear

Was looking forward to the triple chest reward in this event, but it simply disappears.

Given that I used some Gems to get it, am somewhat disappointed that it simply goes poof. Also there’s 20 people above me in this event so they will have had the same experience.

Are you addressing this issue?


Hi @Krusi. I’m actually not sure what you’re talking about, but I want to help you. Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I think he means the 58 win reward, which is supposed to give chests but we have no way to collect them.


I’m sorry about this bug – I thought we managed to wipe all the different references to the old chest system from the game but it appears we missed one. We’ll fix this tomorrow morning. We’ll try to do it in an automated way, but just in case you’re worried we might miss your case, please mail us using the “contact us” link in the game so customer support is aware you experienced this bug – if worst comes to worse we’ll manually credit you 3x Recruit tokens.

I had this happen too, I collected the reward for 58 event wins which was 3 massive chests but got nothing.

Massive chests were not the equivalent of a recruit token they had a chance at an extra legendary and they had Phoenix tokens and coin in them as well.

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How do 3 big chests equate to 3 recruit tokens? Big chests gave a lot of units, some season tokens and coins, with a chance for legends dies. How about 100x recruits? Or some Phoenix chests since season token costs are now HUGELY increased. “WoRSt cOmeS To wOrST We’Ll GiVE yOu SigNIfIcANtlY LesS RewARdS tHaN SHoWn.”


I had the same issue. 58 win prize 3 chests disappeared

@Templar Even though they are aware of it, these guys are either not smart enough to figure out who is affected, wasn’t smart enough to implement methods to figure who is affected by things like this, or are to cheap to compensate everyone for such known issues. So get ready to spend some time to open a support ticket so you can as @S7campusLifer said, “send us a support ticket and if worst comes to worst we’ll manually give you 3 recruit tokens.” Because those 3 recruit tokens will totally compensate you for 3 massive chests and your time spent contacting them.

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If you write in a support ticket using the steps described above, we will credit you 10 recruit tokens, which is 1.5x the old ruby value of the 3 epic chests (3600 vs. 2400).

We will not be crediting this in an automated matter because so many manual credits have already happened today.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

So 3 massive chests are the equivalent of 6 2/3 recruit tokens. 74 and 90 event match wins rewards 3 and 5 tokens. 3 massive chests were awarded at 58 wins. What does this say about the value of event rewards now?

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Thank you for the comment. Well trying to make sure the Progression Prize rewards don’t jump up/down as you progress in the future.

I just collected the 3 massive chests again. I guess it wasn’t fixable without an app update. So I send in a ticket again??

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Hi @zeero9. sorry to hear you’re still having problems. can you please describe how you managed to make this happen? When we all look at our devices, the 58 wins prize is 3x recruit tokens. We can’t find thes 3x massive chests — can you please help us figure out what you’re seeing? Do you have a screenshot?

I didn’t take a screenshot as I figured it wasn’t fixed yet. It doesn’t show up anymore because I claimed it. It’s just as before, 3 purple chests and I get nothing after collecting it. I’ll send in another ticket.

Right now I see 3 recruit tokens (which is not close to the same value) but earlier today it was showing 3 massive chests.

Hi @zeero9. I tried debugging your case and I couldn’t find 3x chests in your inventory – did you complete the 58 wins progression prize and hit claim? and this is the thing you believe gave you 3x chests?

Yes that’s exactly it. You can see that I’m already at 61 wins for the event. In any case, when I logged in again earlier, 3 recruit tokens mysteriously appeared. I thought you guys put it in for me after I sent in the email. Note that when I claimed the reward, these recruit tokens were not credited. This happened when I reopened the game some time later. It appears to be a visual and delay bug.

Anyway, consider the matter resolved. Thanks.

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