Event Rank Prize Multiplier Overpriced

In my opinion the event multiplier is overpriced at 25,000 season tokens for just a .1 increase. To get the 100,000 season tokens that it would take to get the total available .5 multipliers I would have to be in the top 3 in events four times in a row which is not easy.

I was initially excited when I saw that event multipliers were available but now that I’ve seen how much they cost I figure I’m better off spending my season tokens on more practical things like the new season cards.

I doubt a 100,000 season tokens for a .5 increase would even pay back 100,000 season tokens unless you are winning or close to winning every single event.

If I win tonight, it will be my fifth first place in a row. Granted I have spent a lot of money on this game.

While I’m glad you are doing so well I assume they are wanting to cater to more than the few players that are consistently winning every event.

I’d think it’d be fair to say that I am in the top 20% of players, having hit challenger rank last cycle and from my perspective the event rank prize multiplier seems way overpriced. I imagine that would be the case for the majority of other people who aren’t consistently getting in the top 3 or so for every event.

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