Event pool

Please take me out of this event pool I stand no chance against these people… look how many points they have! Most units and commanders are too op and I have strong units this event. I can’t even place top 25 with all the big spenders in my bracket. It’s almost pointless to do event for me. I hate this :frowning:

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Top guy in my bracket has over 92000 points. You want to get in my group? :joy:

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That’s how mine looks too. Unless you play around the clock (like some people seem to) you have no chance at first. It doesn’t help that people are getting 1,000plus medals per win either!

I think the main reason why you have people going all out in the events is simply because of all the changes. Taking away rank or the badges from players this is the only spot in the game that players can achieve that badge in this game now. The event is the last place without a major overhaul yet. I think the event is getting old and it really is just based on card draw anyway at this point.

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Hi @Brainzz. The event leaderboard brackets are based on how much you’ve upgraded your cards in your collection (low, medium, high.) This is represented by the number next to the green badge. Your amount of collection power is 29k, while the people at the top of the leaderboard have 31k and 33k respectively. That might feel like a big difference — Your card collection is about 12% less upgraded card collection than the person who is #1. But you’re much closer to that person than the people on the medium & low collection leaderboard brackets. It’s definitely more appropriate for you to be on this leaderboard with people who are in the 33k range than having 29k with a bunch of people with 15-20k collection power.

Same here, I’m also at 29,000 k power but the people in first are at 40K power and a ton of medals up. It’s basically pointless in my eyes to even try to compete since I’m down 11K power (Which is 7 level 17 units or so.). It’s doesnt help that again, a seasonal unit is featured…

Update: Number one in my bracket has reached over 100K medals…

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Does your calculation rank the featured units higher? If not it’s going to be off. My overall cards for this event are high but my featured units are 12 and I’m stuck with 6 of them (I raised pancake to 13) and often stuck with 7 or 8. I’m not even using my best units because that strategy hasn’t worked for me in this event so I d think I’m using a single level 17 and everything else is mostly 15 or lower, my commander isn’t even maxed out. So when I come across people who have all those cards maxed out they eat me alive.

This is another example where you guys don’t understand things from the player point of view and your math is questionable at best.


Currently this number is just measuring your entire collection power — all cards.

It was designed this way because the people who created it believed it would be confusing if the number went down sometimes for some events.

It’s definitely possible that it would be better if this number only looked at the event cards and not your entire card collection (and did something even special-er around the featured cards.)

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The people who designed it clearly have no clue then. Not trying to be offensive but all that matters in an event are the cards you can play. If I have all level 13 event cards but my other cards are level 17 I’m going to be misranked.

Somewhere back in dim memory someone from the dev team posted that part of the featured cards was to get players to play cards and consider combinations they hadn’t before. That means lower ranked cards. Maybe my memory is wrong and maybe that’s not the way it works but I have a lot of level 17 cards and they are almost never the featured cards. Much more frequently the featured cards are ones I have at 12-14 and sometimes they are only higher because I previously upgraded them for an event.


I can see your point Lyth. I believe if the game is based on upgrading and using different cards then I am fine with that. I would rather only have two each of the featured cards added to the event deck and not six. I think over time if a player is upgrading the event cards it will swing in their direction. I realize that some players can upgrade faster than others but that’s just part of the process.

Hi @S7campusLifer! Few months ago, I have been said by support that these multiples brackets were design to limit the amount of server powers required to handle all players in one overall leaderboard. Can you please confirm that?

Potential frustrations with current situations:

  • placements of people seems volatile and not clear/transparent
  • multiple brackets are giving same rewards, which should not be the case if you are in an “easy” or “difficult” one

Proposal of potential non exhaustive idea solutions:

  • get 1 big leaderboard with all players and larger reward brackets 1/2-5/5-25/25-100/100-200/200-500/ etc
  • keep small brackets, but have them on a championship basis, with like first 25 moving up and bottom 25 down. Certainly then rewards in more competitive bracket needs to be higher than in lower one

Best Regards


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where Are the decks that are ranged between the figures you stated. For instance, someone with 25k deck power? Cuz I would rather be at the top end of 25-29k players and competing against people roughly my same strength (and spending habits) then be at the bottom of 29-33k where all of the top dogs with maxed everything and $$$ to spend on more gems are. Those guys are in a league or their own. Even if I was more competitive with deck strength I can’t compete with their bank accounts. It’s kinda silly but their spending habits makes the game less enjoyable for the average player like myself

The people who are designing this crap need to be the ones to read the forums. Obviously they don’t see the consequences for their actions. The just make up stupidity, release it, then don’t have to worry about what the players think. Talk about sticking your head in the sand…

I agree Viper. There’s no point to any other game mode, so we play events only. I’m getting pretty bored with them too. I used to consistently get top 3, but I really don’t care anymore

@Trident I feel your pain. I stopped trying in tournaments. I refuse to burn gems to buy tickets just so I can get consistently pounded by the top 3-4 alliance guys. This entire game I have been fighting guys 3-5 levels above me. Several of these guys have 5k+ power advantages over me with the worst nearly 8k. Pre-2.5 I was consistently near the top 10 and I’ve taken first a couple of times and I never bought tickets. I don’t think I’ve been in the top 50 even since 2.5. So it’s really hard for me to give a crap about the tournaments when I get more season tickets from my DAQ. Check out the top 3 scores.

Wow S7 instead of again trying to justify the reasoning and pseudo-algorithm behind how brackets are filled, how about truly addressing Brainzz and other player’s observation and concern? He/she did not ask how bracket filling gets filled. Brainzz and others want out of the bracket they are assigned. And why do they (several players including me) want out of the bracket? Because clearly it’s not working as you guys intended it to work.

I know you mean well (assuming anyway) and fairly sure you developers take pride in your work, but your response doesn’t generate any goodwill towards you and your game company.

How about simply asking Brainzz to further explain how they would implement a bracket leaving feature? Let Brainzz and others give you their feedback, thank them for their feedback, and then discuss with your team, the pros, cons, and whether it’s feasible within your current architecture or worth the time to move forward with the feedback.

I agree with Viper as it relates to v2.50 and concur based on my own observations post v2.50 that there’s some truth to our observed observations.

IMO it would have made more sense to eliminate ranks here in events instead of 2v2. If your team S7 is up for recommendations, I highly recommend analyzing how Clash Royale implements Events & Ranks.

Notable: Super Cell the makers of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans never in their 6+ years as a company never ever obliterated hard earned player ranks. As far as I know, I can’t name any one game company to ever eliminate hard earned player ranks. S7 is the first company that I know of to do this. I highly doubt this will be a trend. Please take note of this as you move forward with Wild Beyond and any other future games you might make. Wish you the best. Good luck.


Just wanna point out the big scores aren’t as difficult to get as you might think. Your points per win goes up with your number of wins/win percentage and also it was inflated for this event (not sure if this will be permanent) but right off the bat I was getting 500-600 per win and that went up to as high as 1300 per win after a big win streak. So at 1000-1300 per win you’d need somewhere around 100 wins to get to the very top level scores. Before this event I think I only broke 20k once and in this one I got to over 80k. Yes, I did have to spend gems on refreshes but we all just got a ton of gems after 2.5 I think I might’ve spent like 5k on refreshes since the prices reset every 24hours it took me only 2 sessions to get to where I got. I’m willing to bet the 4 people ahead of me had higher levels and better win rates and since I lost to them a few times I couldn’t catch them because they were earning more per win.

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Where did you end up ranked Savvy? What was your token payout?

You and I are in the same bracket klockwerk. It’s ridiculous when I saw that I just gave up. Same shit happened last event. I’m no where near top 25 even. And I’m a strong player. These big guys are just stepping all over people like you and me. We should be in a separate bracket with others like I said in my previous post… 25k-30k deck strength vs what the dev told me was 29-33k in this bracket. So that’s why we get stepped on… they didn’t filter the deck strength well enough

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100 wins doesn’t sound so bad but when you consider the players we have to play against. We lose a lot and those tickets cost gems and gems cost money. Not to mention it takes up more time and you don’t want to spend your time losing. Especially when your a pretty descent player. I mean most of my units are between 13-16 and commanders are 14-15. But vs players that are all 16-17 everything I can barely win. I would be lucky to get a 2 or 3 win streak