Event packs value decrease

So I noticed you guys decreased the amount of diamonds in the event packs, yet kept the cost the same. What exactly are you guys doing? I know you’re an offshoot of Pocket Gems, and it’s becoming oh so obvious. Same business practices. You’re offering less for the same amount of money, yet you claim you’re trying to create a dedicated player base?

I honestly don’t understand why I even try to communicate on these forums with you guys. Stop claiming these changes aren’t about the money and just tell the truth. The events are bad enough, now it’s REALLY impossible to compete. You’re just decreasing the value of the event packs, continuing with refresh costs with no cap, it absolutely IS all about the money! Who do you think you’re fooling?!

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Posted this 9 hours ago and I still don’t have a response from anyone. Hmm.

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$100 event pack still costs $100. But now with 12,000 less diamonds! Talk about a deal.

On a serious note though, was this just another case of those hidden updates nobody was supposed to notice? Had to bring prices/values in align with other costs within the game?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this and I’m not going to lie it’s starting to get old. You continue to take more away from your players, and yet try and charge the same amount or more for it.


Careful, I’ve been silenced twice now ranting about this, they also just deleted one of my comments about this very thing

But S7CampusLifer has been on the forum today lol funny how that works

@Trey7 Your post was hidden because it was off-topic and posted in another thread unrelated to event packs. Please do not clutter other threads with off-topic posts. We’ll address this post’s main topic shortly.

Thanks for hiding my comment on the other post. The reason why I posted there was to get your attention. You were obviously on here all day, but didn’t bother to answer my questions.

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Your comment was asking for information on value packs in a thread whose purpose was to discuss event strategy and deck composition, and so it was removed for being off-topic.

This goes for everyone: please don’t post in unrelated threads with “can you answer unrelated question X?”. One person doing this is inconvenient, but if everyone posts in unrelated threads clamoring for attention, it will make the forum a mess, and actually make it less likely that we’ll be able to answer appropriately and quickly.

I’m not cluttering anything, you are incredibly disrespectful and your company breeds toxicity from the top-down, displayed clearly by your sneaky company change that I found your legal trademarking for strange sevens under PG, especially when campus lifer tries to use a failed game as a gleaming example and you guys keep justifying silencing me for weeks at a time. I’m a paying customer who’s literally never said anything other than call out bad business practices



  • To be clear, this forum is not a “formal support channel” with a service level agreement of ETA for a response or anything like that. We have fulltime staff assigned to help out with the Zendesk support tickets and there should be some expectation of response time there, but not for this forum. While I’ve been responding to a lot of threads on here, I don’t want to set the expectation that it’s normal. When I’m answering on this forum, I’m doing it in my own spare time after work or between meetings if I already know the answer. I do this because I enjoy talking to players and I care about this community.

Please don’t go and spam all the other unrelated forum topics asking for a response (e.g., going to a topic talking about deck strategy talking about valuepacks and ticket refresh costs.) We don’t want to turn this forum to turn into a place where every single topic has 10x people spamming it with “What about other thing X that I care about?”

  • I personally actually have no idea why this valuepack changed — it’s actually news to me that it changed. I will definitely point this forum thread out to the team so the people who work on it so they’ll be aware that you’re bringing it up.

That said, I want to make one thing clear: If you’re asking for “The prices of things will never change at any point in the future” or “Things will never go up in price” or “We will always offer all the bundles we’re offering now without any changes until forever in the future” — honestly we’re not able to sign up for that. Similar to any business like (the prices at your local gas station or digital goods like the price of a pay per view event on your cable TV), we can’t guarantee whether we’ll be selling the same things in the future or the future prices of things. Sometimes your gas station decides to stop offering free t shirts with a tank of gas and sometimes HBO raises the price to watch a boxing match. Like most stores or services, the set of items offered and their prices will change over time. Definitely don’t be surprised if things change prices over time. And, yes, sometimes some things will increase in price. Sometimes certain offers or deals will no longer become available in the future. Don’t be surprised if the contents of a valuepack bundle change (e.g., move some of the value out of cards and into coins and vice versa.)

I make that blanket statement without any knowledge of if/when/why this valuepack has changed. I want just to make it clear “we cant sign up for never changing prices or changing the things we sell or stopping to offer to sell certain things.”

When prices change, there isn’t a bigger conspiracy going on beyond what happens deciding merchandising and pricing at any business — like when you go into a store this week and see them selling different things this week or having different prices.

I’m sorry if this comes off as defensive; I just don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. Our prices change often — much of the time it’s a “sale” where we’re offering something at a discount.

Regarding this strange conspiracy theory around the studio name:

Pocket Gems has multiple studios within it. We also have a studio called Episode Interactive (https://www.episodeinteractive.com/) which makes a very popular mobile narrative product — Episode has a different studio because they have a very different audience, branding and development team to serve that audience that likes to read stories. Strange Sevens studio has a different audience, branding and team for the audience who likes games similar to Wild Beyond.

We’re not “hiding” anything here and it’s not particularly strange — if you go to the Strange Sevens website it says something like “Strange Sevens is a new studio from Pocket Gems dedicated to making games for core gamers” (https://strangesevens.com/careers/).

Many companies build different studios around different types of products (e.g., Candy Crush and Diablo are made by differently named studios King & Blizzard within the same parent company Activision.) These studios have very different branding, hire different sorts of people with different types of interests and skills to make products for very different types of audiences.

We use a spreadsheet to calculate what the contents of each value pack should be based on the intended discount rate. With regard to the event value packs, we had discovered an error: the contents were such that they were 75% off, not the posted 60 or 62% off. We decided to change them so that they were 66% off, and we adjusted the contents such that they are actually 66% off. The posted discount rate is now accurate.

We use a 75% discount rate on time-limited value packs based on one-time things the player has earned in the game, like the rank-up reward packs. We like those value packs as a celebration of a player’s achievement, and we’re looking for more opportunities that feel natural to do that. A 75% rate is a little higher than we meant to use on value packs that pop up every week, though.

There’s nothing nefarious going on here–there was just an error in calculation, which has now been fixed.

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We’ve had some more internal discussions this morning about how this all happened, and I want to apologize for making this change without saying anything. In the future, we’ll be announcing changes in rewards and pricing ahead of time so you know what’s coming before it shows up in the game.

Along those lines, we’ll be announcing improvements to the monthly ranked shipments within a day or so. Stay tuned!

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These studios you bring up that you’re unrelated to were actually acquisitions, not rebranding techniques and to act like people don’t know what rebranding is used in 2019 is scary. Your players are a lot smarter than you assume and now we just won’t speak out because we know you’ll just silence any of us and state that we are “attacking individuals”, and even though we all are in contact with each other and we share what you are saying and doing with each other on a daily basis. The problem with you insulting us and saying it’s a conspiracy theory implies that you yourself didn’t try to hide the fact that the same people who make the monetary decisions for one game, make the exact same decisions for this. Raising a price for something that we all know people spend hundreds on twice a week is a pretty odd statement when there’s no one really in those gem mines you gotta pay to throw in those boxes. It’s code. There was no “limited time” notice, otherwise people would have bought more when they could have but instead it was changed in the middle of the night. So I’ve screen shot this message and sent it to various community members for proof there’s no attacking individuals or disruptive actions because sharing my opinion on practices that are really upsetting your playerbase is me using my free speech, and I’m not going to let a game company take away the first amendment that I went to literal war for to protect just because you guys think censorship is a good practice.

That’s great to hear, shipments are a bit dissapointing especially at master rank and especially at champion where there is no distinction between that and challenger. It would be nice to have an answer for redundant card gains as well.


I’d also like to add that the packs were displaying 72% off, so only 3% different from what your calculations showed. Again, with respect to top players, this is a problem because the 200k coins I could get with the gems were the only reason I really bought those packs, again, because card redundancy is a big issue for your top spenders.

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I understand that you have spreadsheets and calculations for what the value of these packs should be. I’m fine with that. All I’m saying is that you’ve had the prices for these packs (and the contents received from them) set since their release.

But now all of a sudden we’re deciding to decrease the amount of gems received from these packs by 60% due to an identified error? So to be clear, you’re telling me that the calculations for the contents and value of these packs was really off by that large of a margin, and for that long? Just being honest here, but I find that a little bit questionable.

Here’s the numbers:

The old event pack provided 20,000 diamonds for $100 (alongside the other rewards).

The new event pack provides 8,000 diamonds for $100 (alongside the exact same other rewards).

This is a 60% decrease in overall gems received, all for the exact same price.

Again, I’m just saying, your “new” event packs really aren’t worth buying. You’ve taken the value completely out of them with this change.


Spreadsheets? :joy::joy: ok.

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In the end I really don’t care what the calculations say. I bought the old packages because I felt they were worth it. I only noticed this last night as I was considering buying another and saw the HUGE decrease in the value of the package. Suffice it to say I will not be purchasing it again. I had purchased several before. Put it back to the original cost and original amounts and label it with whatever discount you want and consider it higher discounted due to limits on the cards you can get in those chests. But KEEP FAITH WITH THE PLAYERS, ESPECIALLY THE PLAYERS WHO SPEND LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY ON YOUR GAME. Breaking faith with the players is always the first step in a game falling apart. I came to this game when the developers in the last game I was playing completely broke faith with the players on how much they were charging and turning the game into pay to play period. You are selling air with these purchases it costs you nothing and you make good money on them. These are not micro-purchases anymore, they are macro-purchases and they better be worth it.


It’s funny because I think if they fixed all the mechanics, changed things around with how events work to make it less formed around refreshes and more about rewarding and fun, then people wouldn’t mind treating like game like a premium game and support this for years to come but rn with the bots and the bugs and issues with events, and no sort of actual calendar of events or updates or any sense of survival for this game into the future. Luckily I have a disposable income and don’t mind rolling the dice by sticking with this game regardless because even with its flaws, I truly do want it to succeed