Event multiplier?

Can someone please do the math and see at what point the event multiplier is worth it? At max is x1.3. The cost for all 4 boosts is 100,000 tokens, and this does not include the entire tree that needs to be unlocked.

The math is actually very tricky and there are a lot of variables (your win rate and base multiplier on any given match, season token drops from chests in the trees, impact in future events of season 2 units not being as upgraded, etc). But discounting many of these, the ROI for the boosts is proportional to your normal win rate, so it goes up as you pull higher ranks. At an average win rate of 3k tokens with an average base multiplier of 3.0, your ROI is roughly a net gain of 22k tokens over the season, minus the cost of the rest of the tree (so, probably negative). If you normally pull more than 9k tokens for rank rewards, your ROI will improve proportionally.

Hope that helps!

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Soโ€ฆ what youโ€™re saying is thereโ€™s a chance?

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