Event mismatchups

I getting so sick of being matched up with higher level opponents every time and getting crushed especially in the events. I lose 75% of the time and then have to wait 4 hours for tickets to refill just to get crushed again… at the point of not waisting my time anymore

They are working on it. This event match up is much better than the last event but just be patient, they’ve said multiple times this is their main priority already

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Like Trey said, they’re working on it and it’s already better than it was a couple weeks ago. Be patient, it’ll get better. For now maybe just focus on multiplayer so you can level and rank up. Good luck!

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Hi @Baldeagle. I’ve been reviewing your account details and I have some notes. Can I please have your permission to discuss your data here in a public setting?

I don’t see any changes besides them adding in more maxed out bots.

What makes you say you’re going against a bot?

The fact the bot doesn’t exist on any leaderboard and same applies to the alliance it’s in.
Also the pool of players isn’t large enough for there to be that many players with maxed out commanders and units that doesn’t show up elsewhere (leaderboards, regular 1v1 matches, even global chat)

Hmm sounds like an assumption though. Not saying you’re wrong but I’ve never came across this but maybe you’re challenger or something and this isn’t prevalent in high gold mid diamond