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So apparently the new update is about not looosing medals in event when loosing right? Then why am I loosing lots of medals when I loose a battle in event, like really a lot a lot I’m not talking about 100 or 200, I loose over 400 medals per lose in event lol!!!



I just came in here because I thought I had read we were not supposed to lose medals for a loss and wanted to variety…but…yeah…me too!



When I first lost a round during this event, I did not lose any medals. However, I’m beginning to lose medals after my first loss after update 2.0.



Like wise I losing medals as well



Hi @XrepperX @ElOhssa @SolidWorkMan @Jared1019 .

I spoke with the team developing events and here’s what they told me: They wrote the release notes assuming that our 2.00.1 release was going live next week. The app actually was released ahead of their expected schedule so this week will still have the “old rules”. But starting next week, we should start having no medals subtracted when you lose an event attack.

Thanks for the feedback and being a member of our community!

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Version 2.00 Release Notes

Thanks for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:



Seriously? That’s what they told you…everything in the update notes went into effect with the release of the actual update…with the exception of the thing about losing medals for losses? That little detail of the update was not ready for release til next week…so they were planning a second update just to change the point system?



Hi @ElOhssa.

There were two things involved in making this functionality work:

  • Update the client to make it work.
  • Update the server to configure the event to take advantage of this new behavior.

Here’s how this applies to this situation:

  • Our server was configured for last week’s event assuming the 2.00.1 app update wouldn’t be out yet (new functionality “disabled”) and next week 2.00.1 app update would be live (so the event next week is configured with the functionality turned “on”).
  • By the time the app came out Thursday, from our server’s perspective the event had already “started” (the little button on the homepage tells you which event will be next and certain cards are tagged as “event units”)
  • We could have tried to reconfigure our server with the event which was already live to turn it ON, but we’ve never tested what happens if we flip the setting on the server once the event has already technically started.
  • It didn’t feel like it was worth the risk to flip the switch while the event was already started.
  • For this next week’s event, the switch on the server will be turned on.


Sorry…I know I vent a lot of frustration in here. I appreciate your efforts to improve the game…this game has so much potential…but so much has to change to make it playable.


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