Event medal algorithm

Ok guys. This is another ridiculous aspect that you added. I understand you’re trying to still keep people from grinding or whatever, but if you go to bed like a normal person and don’t play around the clock, when you try to catch up you get punished. Once the system thinks you’re where you’re supposed to be (excuse me? Shouldn’t my wins reflect what place I should be in??) you get stuck there receiving only 5 medals per win. Right now I’m stuck in 10th, and when I went to bed I was in fifth. In order to try to catch up, I have to refresh my tickets. But doing so gets me five medals.

This new system you implemented makes absolutely no sense. If you fall behind, you’re basically screwed, and once again there’s no way to compete for first. I can tell you one thing right now: I am seriously getting sick of this game. When I play, all it does is makes me pissed off at you guys.

You nerf our coins, keep the events unfair, decrease the value of the event packs, you’re making the game suck. Because I’ve seen what others say, I’m going to go ahead and say the majority of your high ranking players are incredibly pissed off. A lot of us are about to boycott your game until you really fix things.

I’m refusing to play the events after this, I’m not renewing my elite pass, I’m not buying any packs, I’m done giving you guys my money because it is wasted. Get it together or lose your game!


Yeah, the event medal system feels rigged to the bone. I win uphill battles while being given a measly 10 to 20 range of medals. For instance, I get matched up against level 16’s and 17’s with my level 13’s, and earn a score around a measly 15 medals or less. The system needs to be revamped or explained in full detail without anything hidden.

And yea, S7, I get it. It’s a F2P game. There needs to be some form of income. Let’s be real here, but you, guys and gals, need to stop being shady and stop biting the hand that’s giving you what you want/ need. Look at other successful F2P games regardless of what platform. Some games have cosmetic micro-transactions only with stable matchmaking and such. Some others just have everything non predatory and fair to each and every player. Thus, players don’t feel cornered into making the decision into buying in game currency due to unfair matches. Please listen to the players and not commit actions that suit your preferences.

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I have the same issue and I’m in Phne’s league, with level 13 commanders lol and she’s in the highest league and my trophy pool is capped at 4000 no matter how many wins in a row, I’ll only get 5 and then first place will have over 5000 points. Soooo with this system, for me to win, they expect me to pay for another ((.100+.60% win rate )* 200) 320 battles?!?
Lol I’m not even going to calculate how expensive that would be for me and that calculation is on the low end :joy:

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I’m in a different bracket each event it seems, but it’s still the same story. I get matched with people that have fully maxed decks and win, but get five medals :rofl: I keep saying that if they REALLY wanted the event winners to reflect the players skill, they would give the same amount of medals per win, and zero medals for a loss. No more of these fluctuations, no more of this getting stuck because that’s where the system says you should be…like, what?? That doesn’t even make sense. But we all know it’s not about the players skill, but about the money, and it’s insulting that they would think we’re all gullible enough to believe them.

I would like an actual response as to why we don’t get a set amount of medals per win. Say you get 20 medals per win, and you’re so far away from the next player, you know exactly how many wins you need to tie or pass them. Seriously. This makes so much sense, but I’m sure there’s some lame excuse as to why that can’t be implemented.

I was told in an email that the more times you play the event, the lower your medal count gets. Excuse me, what?! So even though I had 66 wins in this event, I still got ninth. When in reality, if things were fair, I could’ve won the event. What happens is people get super lucky and get a ton of medals with 30 wins and end up taking the event. Whereas the rest of us, to try to catch up and stay competitive, have MORE wins but still get 5-10 medals per win. Which means…wait for it…once you’re behind you might as well give up because there is NO WAY you will win.

I’m sick of sounding like a broken record. You’d think I’d either quit playing or give up on trying to get through to you guys. But here’s the problem: I actually care about this game and the other players, not to mention how much money I’ve spent already. I honestly believe you have a good product here, but your product is only as good as the people behind it. And as long as you have teams of developers that sabotage any progress or hope for a future, this game will die a sad and miserable death. Then you’ll have customers that are even MORE pissed than they are now.

My suggestion? Take us seriously. Stop beating around the bush with robotic answers and tell us what you’re doing. We are basically share holders here. We’ve invested a lot of money in this game, and we sure as hell should get a say in what happens. You need to ASK us first before you roll out some ridiculous, detrimental hidden update. We are the ones that are keeping your game going, and if we didn’t care we wouldn’t take the time to post on this forum. Stop messing around and include us in the decision making process so

A. You’ll have a game in a year, and B. These kinds of threads on this forum won’t exist anymore.


I feel like you and I have talked past each other a few times talking about how the event brackets and leaderboard works. It seems like sadly I haven’t managed to help much by responding to you about it — many times I’ve made you feel like I was being disrespectful and based on what you’re saying here, I didn’t even manage to convey how the event leaderboard system works.

Let me try to explain it again. Please note I really intend no disrespect at all — I’m just trying to explain how the system works because it sounds like you’re trying to win by doing the wrong actions.

For the purposes of this discussion, I think you can think to the event leaderboard as working much like the “rank” system in the normal game. You earn medals by winning. Generally the best way to climb up ranks is to design a really good deck, learn how to play well with that deck, and level up the cards in that deck. While it takes many battles to move up from silver rank to diamond rank, just being the person who wins the most number of battles won’t catapult you to the top. If someone has a badly designed deck or lower level cards in that deck, or they’re bad at using their deck, they’re not going to reach diamond rank even if they win 10,000 games against other silver players. If someone just keeps beating silver players but often loses when they play against gold players then they’re just not really going to climb the ranks effectively, no matter how many silver players they defeat. In order to move up, they need to reliably defeat gold players, and then they’ll start being shown matches where they can compete against diamond players. This person will probably be stuck in Gold for a while where they can defeat gold players but usually lose to diamond players. They’ll probably need to upgrade their cards and rearrange their deck and eventually they’ll start beating diamond players and generating significant medal gains again. Then they’ll eventually be defeating diamond players consistently and start being shown the very highest ranks of players m, where they’ll struggle to defeat them and be stuck in diamond for a while. They can defeat other diamond players, but often lose to challenger/master players so they fail to earn enough medals to rank up. After some more upgrading to their cards, deck design and execution this player eventually starts defeating the players in challenger/master ranking and move to the very highest spots on the globally ranked leaderboard. Note that this required many battles to achieve the highest ranks and highest medal counts, but the number of battles wasn’t the key determinant — its which rank of players are you reliably beating.

Events are designed to work in a very similar way. It doesn’t explicitly list the ranks bronze-silver-gold-diamond-challenger-master, but you can think of the the medal count as working in a similar way. You’ll need many wins to climb all the way from “bronze” to “master rank”, but the number of wins isn’t the way you get there. It’s possible to keep doing many many wins but be in the equivalent of “stuck in gold rank” — you can have 1,000 wins against other players with gold ranked medal count, but if you’re always losing to the people in the diamond ranked medal counts, then you’re not going to generate enough medals to move up to the diamond rank. When you lose an event battle, in your head consider this basically the same as losing a battle in normal ranked play —- you might not have lost any medals like in ranked play but effectively that is the reason you did not “rank up” and earn a bunch of medals. The players at the top of the event leaderboard have an incredible win/loss ratio because they basically start the event by making sure they have a well designed deck, make sure all of those cards are high level, and make sure they know how to play it well —- leading then to basically winning ~40 battles in a row with barely any losses. This does the equivalent of moving then from a bronze rank medal count to a master rank medal count without getting “stuck” at any of the ranks along the way:

When you say you’re spending rubies to buy more tickets, but you’re only getting +5 out of those wins, that indicates you’re basically getting stuck at that rank. Instead of spending your resources on getting more wins against that rank of player; you need to focus your resources on being able to defeat the class of players who have more medals than you. This means looking at your deck seeing if there are adjustments to make it more effective, upgrading the cards in that deck so it can defeat the people with more medals than you, and making sure you’re very good at executing your strategy and tactics with that deck. Once your deck is more powerful and you’re defeating this set of players with more medals than you, you’ll find that you’ll become “unstuck” and generate more medals to “rank up” (the corollary of moving from Diamond rank to Challenger rank.)

Now, perhaps the system could be better, but I want to make sure I’m conveying how the current system works and what steps you can take to be highly ranked in this system.

I hope that description is helpful and explains ways you could spend your time and resources to perform better in events in the future. For sure, please don’t spend your gems and time trying to get the maximum number of wins against “diamond rank players” — instead spend those resources upgrading the cards in your event deck so you can start getting some wins against “challenger rank players.” That should generate way more event medals with way less time and ticket investment.

I hope this message comes across well — I know in the past I have made you upset when trying to respond to you. I’m sorry if that happens — it is not my intention.

Could the event leaderboard move away from the whole medal rankings system… it’s a totally inconsistent measurement. It doesn’t represent the players event progress or show their skill.

The reward system is based on total wins so why doesn’t the competition reflect this aspect score wise. The way it counts presently show that a player could have won 10 times more games than 1st place prize winner. Depending how bad somebody wants to win for gaining season tokens will show in the amount of attempts they make to win games. Between the free tickets and diamond payed to refresh will be the grind of how much they play for wins giving an equal chance to all players in that weight class to challenge wins and put more pressure on winning. The power level range of 10k in a class and 1v1balance is random enough odds always.

Bottom line a new system has to come into effect if you really want to make everybody happy in the end, so this game doesn’t fade away into the shadows. OR consider other options if you look at my score it’s impossible to catch up making it unfair for myself and everybody else playing the game.

I totally agree with campusLifer’s explanation on how to do well in events, and it closely matches to what i’ve Been saying all along.
It’s also the reason I tend to say try to minimise refreshing tickets and play with the free tickets to do well.
I get the most medals for beating the ranks above me on leaderboard, so I just have to make sure to consistently win against them.
The reason why I get a nice buffer in medals and not worried of coming back to be much lower ranks is beating 1st 2-3 times, 2nd 2-3 times, 3rd 2-3time, and not losing to them, or may possible lose once to them.

The thing with ticket refreshes is people are refreshing because they are annoyed that they just lost with their free tickets… bad idea because the next opponents will be low paying opponents due to your recent losses.

However if you are on a run, you may refresh then because your next opponents will still be valuable/good paying opponents.

Hope these observations and event tips will help in gaining an understanding on how to play more efficiently in events.

The problem with all of this, messed up system or not, is that a majority of your player base doesn’t understand this concept of it actually not always being beneficial to buy more tickets. I don’t know how many months events have been going on, but it looks bad (or deceptive) on the company’s part to not explain this better, as I assume most people (logically) are buying more tickets to do better in the event, only to get 5 points per win ( Buy more gems to use gems in the event to get tickets, etc.) So, even if the intention isn’t to be misleading, it comes off that way. Even now, unless you are reading this forum post (most of the player base is not), you probably think buying more tickets will help you do better in the event, generally, when that’s not necessarily the case.

Between things like this and the coin nerf, and the matchmaking…it’s really disheartening to the player base. You want us to stick around and we want to stick around…but you gotta meet us half way, at least.

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Please consider updating event system with less shady algorithm, and minimize impact of card levels, like you did in gauntlet, which is the most fun mode right now. I guess primary reason why it wasn’t implemented yet is to keep players motivation to update cards, but maybe ranked mode performance and event reward cards level dependency will be enough.

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Speaking of mm, myself and another HOD challenger were consistently put against some Synergy gold players yesterday in 2v2. I mean the same few people over and over until they finally had to stop playing. I thought the system was designed for this not to happen? It was of zero benefit for us to win against them and honestly, no fun for any of the four of us I’d imagine. It just felt mean to beat them, and I’m sure they were beyond frustrated (as they should’ve been).

So that’s why you ignore her telling you to reply to the points I’ve been making for weeks now? Lol you guys just run yourselves in circles, not even a mention about the coins and your angry playerbase as a whole, y’all are really in a hole :hole: and that’s obvious

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It’s also impossible for anyone who ends up being on the lower end of the specific league. It’s funny because either a diamond two can be first place of second tier leagues or be dead last and have the entire system be against them if they are moved into the next teir without any actual logic based reason behind it. So it’s even more about luck because you won’t go on a streak with level 13 commanders against maxed out decks, because but maxed players can easily go on runs because they closed that power gap, mind you I said power and NOT skill gap because power is derived from spending money, skill is from actually playing and learning. That’s not what they try to foster here clearly.

So if it’s not about the money, why not remove events completely actually set up a reward system that doesn’t give you pennies and is based on actual team work like alliance wars. Your system is clearly just pissing everyone off at this point.

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Hi all.

Given that so many people basically do not understand what it takes to “do well” in events, there probably is something we need to change in the app.

I will definitely think about this feedback. It’s unclear to me if what needs to happen is “make the rules more apparent and clear” or if it’s “change the rules.”

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Hi @Tiffany

I wrote a series of really long posts about matchmaking, and specifically why 2v2 feels super broken. You can read about it here: Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that

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Lmao change the rules dog, your spread sheet is a bit confused

@S7campusLifer I agree, that maximizing the effectiveness of your deck is ideal. But my point is, when you get behind, how are you supposed to catch up? That has nothing to do with deck power. I have no problem winning, that isn’t the issue. The issue is you may be holding the ideal spot, step away for a few minutes, then drop multiple ranks. And when that happens, it is absolutely impossible to be competitive anymore. It has nothing to do with my wins, it’s the medal payout.

Make the amount of medals won the same across the board. Simple. Problem solved.

For me it’s not misunderstanding how the system works for events. I get it. I know how it works, and it’s not right. That is the point I’m trying to get across. The events are still incredibly unfair.

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No, you really just don’t know how to win… :neutral_face: holding in laughter

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