Event matchup are not for newbies

Event matchup sucks, you are being matched up against players with higher deck power. Serious flaw of this nice game. Seriously, you are being matched up against a player with at least level 15 troops (sky shark)? I am only level 10. I even need to put suit up just for my drone swarm to match up against my opponent’s grunts. This is getting to frustrate new players.image
image image


I think you said it right there in your title events are not for newbies. It takes a lot of skill to build a deck around units that you must and have to use in order to become successful. I think the event rules are just fine the way they are. They even show me that settlement cards that I would normally just roll my eyes at actually are somewhat useful. For example, when they put suit up As the featured unit, I had to think how to counter this new mechanic and found that rail dog was the best to do this job. And then from using rail dog Throughout the competition I fell in love with the fucking thing and now I include it in almost all my leaves and decks. And by decks I mean deck. Please multiple decks slots. PLEASE MULTIPLE DECK SLOTS !!!


When I said newbies means for those players who are just starting. Skills is a different thing. No matter how skillful you are, you have no (or maybe a slim) chance to win it. So what’s the point of countering troops if you can’t even utilise any of that technique against stronger decks?

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