Event matchmaking


Ok guys. I know this has been brought to your attention, but it’s time to do something about the events. The MM system is horrible. I’m a gold 6 and I’m repeatedly being matched against Challengers. And not just once, but over and over.

The events aren’t competitive. Whatever the classification is that decides who gets grouped together for rankings isn’t fair. You have golds competing with Champions for first place, and there is no way to even get close to first place. I’m lumped together with champions and challengers, and being matched with these people.

How about you guys disable the events until you get it fixed? You have a lot of people spending A LOT of money on your game, put that money to good use and fix what your customers are complaining about. It’s starting to look like the high paying players are favored, and there’s talk about things being rigged so you’re forced to spend money to compete. You guys are going to start losing a lot of loyal, dedicated players.

I emailed you guys a screenshot of the repetitiveness of the MM in the event


Improving 2v2 and Event matchmaking are some of the major focuses of our upcoming updates. I don’t have a specific timeline at the moment, but once we have more details, we’ll be sharing it with the rest of the community. It’s been made very clear to us from player feedback across many different channels that these two areas of matchmaking have the biggest impact on gameplay at the moment, so our efforts are being directed there.

To be clear, we’re not going to take the “nuclear option” and disable events outright because they’re the primary way to access seasons rewards.

Small announcements around event leaderboard prizing