Event match making broken?

Last two events have seemed kind of broken for me. Is anyone else experiencing very bad matchups?

I’m getting lvl 5 opponents which are destroying my chance at being competitive because they give little to no points for winning. I think its been since last live update.

And since events are the best source of coins right now, this is causing me to lose out on major upgrade opportunities.

Can we look into this please?


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I‘m getting only opponents with higher ranks / unit levels :thinking:


It’s pretty bad, why are my level 11 gold 1 units getting matched against levels 15+ decks regularly?


I’m having the same problem. It’s frustrating and I’m almost ready to delete the app

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Hi @Bobobo @Relai @Enit @Hydro.

The short answer is: Yes, it sucks. We’re going to try to address it, but it’s gonna take us a little while. It’s very high on our priority list. It won’t be fixed in the next app update (too late for that), but one soon after.

More details in this thread: Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking

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