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Hi Team
Can you change the Event ending Time?
Maybe that it Ends in the EU @ evening and for US @ noon?
I feel like its a disadvantage for People in the EU cause the Events always end over night for us and you lose a lot of medals.

Though there’s no “perfect” start and end time (we have players in every time zone), a rotation could have some advantages. On the downside, rotating the times might also cause some confusion versus a consistent start/end time. I’ll float the idea with the team though; it’s definitely worth thinking about.

Honestly if you are discussing timing of the events I hate midweek events and the timing. Personally I have a full time job and sometimes I work on weekends too but not much to be done about that but when you added the midweek event it really is hard to play with my real life responsibilities. The regeneration rate of tickets and the limit of 4 make it hard to work a full day or get a full nights sleep without losing tickets. Maybe they could stack to 8 instead of 4 to allow us to sleep or work and not lose out?


Big ditto on the higher stack suggestion, here!


Thanks for the idea. I understand where you’re coming from, though that’s also a pretty big chunk of tickets – it might feel like too much of a burden to some players (true, it’s a choice to play them but having leftover can still feel bad to some). Tickets also take ~6hr to regenerate from scratch to max right now, so hopefully you won’t miss out on too many tickets if you use them before you start work. Tickets are also priced pretty inexpensively (imo, anyway) so if you prefer to play all at once rather than throughout the (work) day then that’s a viable route (and if you do choose to purchase a few tickets, we’d certainly appreciate your support!).

So,let me get this straight. You are saying it’s worse that some people might leave over tickets then to have players who don’t get to use the tickets they are due because they have to work and support their families? The same people who actually go out and earn money to potentially spend on your game should lose out so some people might not feel bad cause they couldn’t play an extra 4 tickets? Remember I am not suggesting changing the regen rate, when you start a game at 9 AM midweek I still probably are going to lose out on a bunch of play because I work. I feel bad that I can’t spend all the tickets I earn… now what?

And no, since the gen cost of tickets go up every time you buy 4 I don’t consider it cheap to just buy extra. How about you change it so you start off with 4 and the accumulated ones just keep accumulating without a cap so when I work or sleep I don’t lose them and I can choose to play them here and there or all at once just like you suggested. Then at the end of the event reset the count to 0 so no one can horde tickets across multiple events. For that matter why no get rid of the regen period and just give people the total they would have for the event based on the 90 min regen rate you use now?

All of these are options that don’t punish people for working, sleeping, going out with friends, seeing a movie, etc. etc,

Personal opinion: I think that there isn’t a whole lot of difference in whether someone spends 24 tickets in 24 hours vs. 4 tickets 6 times in 24 hours. If something causes less player stress for the same outcome I’m for it. I’ll float some ideas with the team about this.

The goal certainly isn’t to punish, but I know it feels that way – I feel it as a fellow player too. I’ll bat around some ideas internally. Uncapped doesn’t seem likely to happen - we do want players to play throughout the event, not just at the last minute, say. Perhaps if we increase the pool to 5 that’d better cover all the bases (then it would take 7.5hr for tickets to fully regenerate which would mean very minimal “missing out” from either sleep or work, at least hopefully that would be the case most of the time).

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It’s nice to see this discussion and consideration.

Thanks for being a part of the discussion!

One thing a team member pointed out to me was that while they also like the idea of a increasing the ticket cap to 5 (to get us to 7.5hr of refill time from scratch!), there is a downside too – ticket refills would give 5 tickets instead of 4, and so they would also cost proportionately more (e.g., 75 * 5 / 4 = about 93.75 gems instead of 75 gems for the first refill).

That seems a worthwhile trade-off, if you keep the same timer on the next ticket if a player buys a refill, instead of resetting it :wink:

Personally, I’ve decided against buying a refill many times if my timer is under, way, 30 minutes. I just do something else until it respawns and there’s no guarantee I’ll buy the refill after I play it, depending on the amount of time I have. So, I think it’s a win/win.

I like the idea with 5 Tickets but pls consider changing Start Times. Its frustrating that in the eu every Time i Go to bed the Event ends over night to early Morning. In that Time People in the USA can Play cause its evening for them and i always lose a lot of my Rank.

Its seems to me no matter when it starts or ends players somewhere are going to not be happy with it. I wonder it there is some sort of out of the box solution to the issue. Has anyone else seen any game where this issue is dealt with in another manner or have any idea how he event could be adjusted to account for start time, end time, work, sleep, and other obligations across the globe?

This is a serious question even if it seems a bit sarcastic, that is not the intent it’s just a large issue.

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I’m going to reply to my own question with a thought, not a solution.

S7Dave while I appreciate the potential change from the 4 to 5 tickets cap, the game still would feel like my life is revolving around it. Play right before bed, zero out my tickets so if I wake up 7.5 hours later they won’t be capped and play right before going to work so when I am done 9 hours later on a normal day I will only have missed out on a single ticket. I hope you see my point, a game is supposed to be relaxing and remove stress, that sort of schedule does the opposite and ultimately while this is your business it’s still a game.

We really want to make this happen too. It’s an important item in our backlog (ref 53080) that I’d love to do but we just haven’t had time yet.

Yeah, for very serious players the optimal play pattern with 5 tickets would still require pretty intense dedication to playing often enough to use tickets (in order to maximize value from “free” tickets). I struggle with this a bit because I want players who try harder to feel like they can get rewarded for that effort (versus players who want to play a bit more relaxed schedule). There’s definitely a tradeoff for rewarding players like this, and I doubt we’ll be able to find the perfect balance to please everyone on this one :(.

One idea I’ve tossed around internally would for event leaderboards to be “personalized.” That is, we’d handpick who is on your leaderboard based on your past performance. The better you do over time, the harder opponents we’d give you – and the better prizes we’d offer too. I think we’d structure this like regular ranked player – you’d be in an event “league” that’d you rank up (and down) over time based on how well you do over time. One key is that leaderboards wouldn’t be symmetric – just because I see you in my leaderboard doesn’t mean you would see me in your leaderboard. This would let us better balance each person’s pool of opponents (at least that’s my theory for the asymmetry). If we did this, we could also potentially give players 2 options for an event start/end time, and only pair them up with players who made the same choice (only two options because too many options dilutes how many opponents are available and makes it that much harder to find good matches/leaderboards). While I think this would help some (though I’m curious to hear your thoughts), it’d also be a really major project and I think there are other more important things we need to do for player happiness first (but that’s just by 2c). Anyway, just throwing this out there to share … hopefully it inspires some other, better ideas from you all!

The asymetric leader boards is an interesting idea that may help the start and end times.

As for the people being rewarded for playing hard and the intense play. I am all for that but the strict schedule needed in incompatible with real life. I can’t support the concept of sacrificing work, family, and sleep just to do better in this game. There needs to be a balance where someone can play hard but not get punished for not being able to play for an 8-10 hour stretch. I played world of warcraft in a top guild for many years. We played hard but to our own schedule, we didn’t raid during work and we didn’t raid past midnight. There were people in my guild who played all hours and people who only played enough to prep for the raids and then raid. Right now we need to play to the timing of the tickets and it’s worse if the guild wants to be competitive for the wars then the whole guild has to do the same.

Good news – this should be in our next app update (v2.32)!

Very cool. How would you extend this into our game? Push the ticket cap up even further? Or is there another approach you’d consider? I need to think on this some more as well.

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I know the overall model is different just comparing how you can have intense play without disrupting real life too much. I’m still thinking about ways to make this better and most of my thoughts revolve around uncapping the tickets or making the cap significantly higher, like 8.

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