Event bug: double goo dogs

For reference, see my match against Davywonder a few minutes before this post. In it, watch the bottom lane right as the overtime counter kicks on. I kill one of his spectres as the forge is charging. As it dies, it becomes a goo dog, and its retreating wisp also becomes a goo dog.

That doesn’t sound abnormal. The spector dies and is then reborn. So the wisp would have life.

Yeah but it doesn’t seem like the spectre can both be dead and alive at the same time.

When you kill the spector, it dies and creates an orb to resurrect itself. So it is still alive despite killing it.

I understand, but the issue is that both the spectre AND his orb reforged, suggesting there was a spectre alive to reforge and a spectre dead to reforge. One spectre should either be a spectre or an orb at any given moment. Not both.

Sounds like a very minor corner case bug. Not exploitable and probably not worth the time to fix it since it might if timing is just right give 1 extra goo dog and only in that event.

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