Event box glitch

I just won one of those event chest boxes for 6 wins or whatever it was. Itโ€™s not showing that I earned one when I click on recruit chests to view my special event chest. It still shows I have to spend 750 diamonds but I just earned a chest token. What should I do ?

I have gotten that one and the 25 win. Neither show up.

Mines didnโ€™t show up either guess they ainโ€™t giving rewards for the event idk but that would help a little saves me 750 gems

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I just randomly received the reward. Maybe a delay in response to reward time. Keep an eye out for yours if you havenโ€™t gotten it instantly

Something glitching here for sure.

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I still donโ€™t have mine yet

I just opened up the app a few hours later and it was there waiting so maybe that will help? Maybe Iโ€™m just a stoner and got a recruit box and assumed it was an event box haha thatโ€™s a possibilityโ€ฆ I didnโ€™t even think to screenshot it either. But thereโ€™s obviously a problem if you having the same issue

Mine popped up randomly and seems sorted now. Your mileage may vary.

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