Event Battles Crashing

There has been an ongoing bug for the last couple of events at least where the second the fight starts it looks like the opponent quits and then the fight locks only way out is to reboot and when you get back you lose the ticket and it says you disconnected and take a loss. The replay shows you winning but the two opponents just sit there and it ticks down (incidentally this showed me that shields and bases tick down at the same exact rate even if different levels with different health). This happened to me again this evening against Pingon, the time stamp is 10-22-19 at 17:03:59. This is a big problem it seems to happen several times an event I hadn’t reported it before but it keeps happening and I’m tired of losing tickets.

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I’ve lost multiple event matches tonight because of “connectivity” issues. Can we be compensated? It uses up our free and purchased tickets, and affects our medals, our rewards and rankings.

This isn’t connectivity it’s a pure bug, others in my guild have had it as well.

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Yep, happens, not too often but often enough.

This has happen to me in the Event

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