Event battle bug: could use my troops. Frozen

Weird bug. First time i have seen. My energy got stuck and I couldn’t use troops. Only my opponent could. U can check my replay. I could see enemy troops moving normally. So it was not network problem or lag.

Could u guys check and give my event battle back? Thanks.

This has happened to me before as well, two or three times. I chalked it up to asynchronous lag but maybe it’s a bug that can be fixed.

Hi hi! It was an historical bug, which was fixed months ago… unfortunately it is back for me this event too. Played troop that the server is not dropping on the field and then unit time reload just stuck… please fix that again. Thks in advance.

Had the same thing happen this morning in the tournament. It was like a 3 second lag before my troops would deploy after the drop. Cost me the match.

We’re collecting more data on this disconnect issue to try to figure out what’s going on. So far, it’s been a tough one to pin down since they don’t seem to all happen around the same time for everyone, or affect any one common device, etc.

For what it’s worth, every time I’ve noticed it, one or both of these things have been true:

  • I was farther than usual away from my access point
  • my device battery was low and/or I was in power-saving mode

I assumed it was asynchronous lag between my device and my access point of the sort normally seen when I can receive signal but my device isn’t powering its broadcast sufficiently to avoid packet loss.

Hope that helps.

That would explain some cases of this happening on Wi-fi. Have you experienced it while using mobile data only?

I haven’t, personally. In fact, when it starts happening, disabling WiFi often fixes it for me.

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