Enlist available for purchase?

I got a handed to you guys I can’t believe, well I can’t believe, that you guys put in list a card from season one up for sale with real money and it’s $100 for two. We gave you plenty of ideas on how to integrate old season cards into the game, but I did not honestly think that it would come to this. I don’t even know what to say at this point I am really disappointed and can only see now that the direction this game is headed is Legitimately cash grab. I was going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt that maybe you would change your ways and integrate both cash purchases and a way to get rid of our use those cards as well as alliance tokens and be able to purchase old season cards with it. But this just feels really really really really bad.


I feel like we’ve been pretty consistently forward about how this is gonna work.

I mean it’s expensive, but at the same time yeah, the best time to get them is during the season.

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It’s not easy to get them during the time of the season I’ve already unlocked all of the epic cards recently but can’t go any further due to the level lock so until I reach that level I can’t claim the next reward

Well you didn’t actually come out and say we will charge you $50 a card if you want it. It just doesn’t hold the value to me.


Yes but lower level players who started in season one or after have no opportunities to get this card without being charged $100. Doesn’t that seem kind of absurd to you? I feel like this is just going to further alienate most players.


Surprisingly enough I came in halfway through the season as well and cannot secure all of them or did not understand the necessity of getting all of them during that time

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Why not make it an event prize? Monthly shipment reward? Add it to other seasons legendary rewards? It seems absurd that players who had no chance to obtain it last season have to pay $100 dollars if they want to make use of the card.

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“Enlist!” was basically an event prize in the Time Warp season it was associated with. If you did well in the event, you earned Time Warp tokens and could choose to work towards purchasing it.

These are limited edition cards. If you want to be able to earn them efficiently, you need to do it during the season they’re associated with. If you miss getting these cards during their associated season, the methods of getting them will be much less efficient. Over time we’ll create ways to get these things, but for sure they will not be anywhere as efficient as getting the rewards during the associated season. Like I said in my original post, in other games I’ve worked on these seasonal rewards either never come back or come back after 6-12 months.

If this is not the case, it is drastically less important and compelling to push yourself to compete during a season.

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Some of us do push towards the cards during the season but with the Exp cap for daily along with the level cap on certain rewards we can’t get to the legendary. My exp gap is 1950 as silver rank and I’m level 38 I have to get to level 46 just to purchase the next reward for epics in the seasons not everyone can move further or far enough to legendaries if there is an exp cap and a level cap making it harder and unfair to newer players

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Pretty much every other game I’ve played with cards that were won or bought during limited events added them back within 2-3 months if not immediately after the events.


Because the game is unbalanced when only a small portion of the game can have these things or new players have no opportunity to get them. Also it causes dissatisfaction among the players, frustration, and quitting. If you think that somehow you can make a ton of money by selling them this way I promise you that you will only piss off your player base.

If you had changed out the cards or at least half the cards in the Phoenix chests for season 1 cards and had it so any legendaries from those chests at the same 16.6% drop rate were from season 1 I would have bought a lot more of them because I wouldn’t be paying $100 to get 2 cards I need.

You guys just need to add the season 1 cards into all the chests, not just the purchased ones, and stop holding it over our heads. All you are doing is pissing off your player base.


It has been only just over a month since season 1 ended, I believe!

Very interesting idea, thank you!

Regarding part 1 the main reason why sooner is better than later is you guys keep using those cards in the events so they become more important.

Regarding my suggestion I’ve given that at least 5 times before, starting before Season 1 ended. This is the first time anyone from S7 has even acknowledged it. Thanks for that. If you decide to implement it… a bit late but better than nothing, don’t change the prices or the drop rates (unless you want to make them better), make it fair to the players who are supporting the game.

We’re looking into something like this, but our app doesn’t support random drops of season units yet. We’ll work on adding that support to a future release.

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