Energy Hack? Previous to latest update, also continuing post update

Energy counter resets at every energy gained to -1 energy and continues to cycle without adding energy. This has happened in previous matches. Latest glitch: Played Herald against player Darthkrall and he gained my scouts added to his hand.

Hi @Monee! Thanks for the post. I honestly don’t understand what you’re talking about. Are you saying someone is cheating the game? Can you please provide a timestamp and name of the person you were playing? Do you still have the replay?

This also happened to me as well during a 2v2 match recently. I did not record the match as the game may kick me out if I decide to record mid game, but I’ll try to describe the incident as much as possible.

First and foremost, I did not lose connection to the match as my partner and opponents deploy units without any delay or lag. While this was happening, I tried deploying my troops but they disappeared as soon as I deployed them. Plus, my energy is stuck at 0 while me and my partner’s power plants were still up. No energy being filled up at all.

Most importantly, the cards I have are stuck in a forever loop similar to not having enough energy in deploying a unit or tactic. More cards are added to my hand but they become a part of the loop as well. I’ll try to record a video about it if I stumble upon it again.

@SolidWorkMan oh man that sounds crazy. How many times has this happened to you? I’ve never heard of this problem until now.

This only happened to me once today. Again, I’ll try to keep a look out for it during my matches.

@SolidWorkMan how many times would you say you’ve seen it since you’ve started playing the game?

Trying to figure out priority of this feature… It sounds like a terrible experience when it happens, but if it happens 1x a year, I think we should prioritize put our effort into first fixing things which occur more frequently.

So far, it happened only once since I’ve started playing this game. It looks like a small hiccup from here.

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