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I feel like all this has done is make it impossible to beat the Legion rush. They have far too many low cost, effective cards. I’m here trying to tech up or gather enough energy to counter, but I can never really catch up, let alone pull ahead. The only time I beat Legion now is if they pulled a really bad hand or they’re the rare player that doesn’t rush.

Yeah, rush decks are completely unbalanced at the moment due to this change. Reducing the power from middle nodes is a great change, but increasing the cost of your initial nodes leaves you extremely vulnerable to any deck that can come up with 3-4 units that don’t require tech up.

I think a little more detail is needed to further the discussion here and maybe help develop good counter strategies:

  • What factions are you playing?
  • What do your deck compositions look like?
  • Do you find yourself never able to build a power plant?
  • What’s a typical opening play look like for you?

Any faction that’s not Legion is difficult. It all becomes a game of luck instead of skill now. They can just dump too many cards too early and Rogue or Acension can’t even get their first power plant up. If they try to combat the free panther or the shield on wheels… it gives Legion the advantage and time to build their own plant and then pull ahead even further.

I’m primarily an Ascension player, so I can’t really speak to Rogue openers, but I’ve had a lot of success vs. Legion with pressure from T1 units alongside Arcane Blast support from Kuro. Basically, I’m trying to deny them their rush tactics because their T1 options tend to lose trades to Ascension T1.

I tend to hold off on building a Power Plant at all (a habit that’s hard to break) until I have control of at least one middle lane. A single Archer or Scouts can generally clear two lanes while Lancers are fast and durable enough to gain middle control and do some chip damage to their barricade. There’s a lot more nuances that I think some Ascension players can chime in with. Could you perhaps post your deck so we can get an idea of what you’re working with?

Hello there,

As an ascension player, I’m having pretty good matchups against legion rushes now. I used to have a lot of T1 units in my deck that could somehow hold the legion rush, but I don’t need them anymore.

  1. Arcane blast can clear swarms at almost no cost.
  2. Scouts now have a very good damage per energy ratio, and can clear 2 lanes from the rush.
  3. Losing a barrier no longer means almost defeat, new overtime rules allow you to comeback at latter stages of the game
  4. Assassins can kill Nash alone, even a few levels ahead, at only 2 energy cost

Losing mid generators means nothing nowadays, so if you focus on building power plants and clearing swarms and dangerous units like Nash, K9 or Raildog, you usually win the game.

That being said, raptors are annoying but I do love their new functionality. Still they deserve to be banished from this game, for everytime I was about to win and they placed a rally point and a raptor in my Kuro’s butt.

Kind regards,

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