Energy Changes

Dear Dearest of Dears with Beers,

Please increase the energy cap to 20, and then double the income rates and unit costs to compensate.

This will give you much more control over balance, especially with low-cost cards. In essence, this would allow you to make units costs increase in intervals of .5 energy, which in some cases is essential to achieve proper balance.

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They would need to delay over time and it would increase the length of matches. I love how quickly the matches are personally.

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It wouldn’t change gameplay at all. Everything would be double; income rates, costs, max energy, etc. The purpose of the change would be to allow for the cost of things to effectively go up in increments of .5. So, let’s say for a hypothetical example that Arcane Blast is too expensive at 2 energy, but too cheap at 1 energy. This change would effectively allow the energy cost to be set at 1.5 energy.

Power Plants would cost 10 energy and generate energy twice as fast. Base energy rate would be doubled. Scouts would cost 4. Research would cost 10. Commanders would cost 8. Hazard Miners would cost 6 and generate 8, so on and so forth.

Gameplay wouldn’t change at all, it would just allow for more precise balance changes.

@S7NotABot @S7Dave I’d like to hear your opinions on this, please. It seems like a no-brainer to me. As I stated above, it wouldn’t change gameplay at all, but would allow for more precise unit energy cost balancing.

Especially with low-cost units, a single unit of energy is a HUGE difference. I mean, just look at Arcane Blast. As it is, the smallest increment you could increase the cost by was a 100% increase. I’m not saying it’s not balanced at a 2 energy cost; what I’m saying is that as it stands, there’s no middle ground. With low cost units, changing the energy cost in either direction is a humungous change, and the proper balance might be somewhere in the middle that is currently impossible.

This actually isn’t a horrible idea. Or you guys could just make some units got ei. 1.5 energy. There’s nothing stopping them for allowing half energy increments. But the reason for this is the same. It allows more subtle balance changes without it swinging from over powered to underpowered and vice versa

I think expanding the energy cap from 10 to 20 would make the UI harder to read since many units would then have double digit costs. It’d also make the energy meter harder to read. I feel like the current system has enough granularity, but if the card designers felt like they needed more granularity then I think the suggestions here are right in line with what we’d need to do.

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