Emotes used to Harass or Bully

@S7campusLifer, @S7Dave You have a code of conduct for players that does not allow bullying or harassing of players. Yet, it seems lots of players are abusing the emotes to do just that. I’m sure that’s not the intended use of the emotes. Several complain that the emotes are being used to make fun of a losing player by the winner using the cry emote at end of match. I’ve seen many complaints of that on global. I’ve recently experienced a player use the question mark emotes at my mistakes when I’ve thrown out a unit in a non effective way as if to say “dumb move”. I’m not exactly sure what he’s trying to imply but thought he was just being mean. Then, he kept repeating that behavior in subsequent matches. That player throws out the emote at losing the game also. He said he does it to taunt. The taunting to me was harassing and bullying behavior. And now I understand the complaints about the emotes being used in a bullying and harassing manner. So, my question to you is, did you know this? Is this the intent of these emotes? Is there a way to settle this difference? It’s really not appreciated and really seems to be a petty way to use emotes to make fun of someone that simply loses a match. Its silly. So what do you say?


We do not consider use of emotes as bullying/harassment.

If you search the forums long enough you’ll find a a statement by an s7 employee that bming is an important part of esports (lol like this game is remotely in the class of an esport) in reference to someone wishing you could emote on the win/loss screen.

TLDR, yes it is and it’s meant to be :joy:

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You wouldn’t CampusLifter7 but all the players should give you the crying emoji any time you respond in the forum. You have horrible customer service skills really none at all. I hope you do not own this game or have any ownership in it.

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