Emotes store feedback

Since whoever is in charge of pricing the store is catastrophically bad at their job (sorry, but it’s been a chief complaint of mine since the beginning), and appears to be on a fishing expedition with the emotes packs:

Kuro emotes were $4.99. That’s a fair price.
Roxie emotes were $9.99. That’s more than I’d like to pay but she is my main so I’ll grit my teeth and do it. Wouldn’t for any other commander.
Nash emotes are $19.99. Not a chance; wouldn’t pay this even for my main.

The emotes and recolors are a great idea because they’ll sell well when appropriately priced, and because they give room to normalize free-to-play gameplay. (Please do that.)

As for the product, I’m going to be frank: personally, I only bought Kuro and Roxie to reward what I think is a great monetization strategy and I’d love to see it succeed. I’m not in love with the emotes themselves, to be honest: the designs don’t clearly communicate an emotion, to me, which sort of undermines the whole thing.

I also don’t think there’s a way to see all of the emotes (at least it’s not immediately obvious on the Nash pack) pre-purchase. That information should be more easily accessible.

Good direction, but please tell whomever is in charge of pricing to get ahold of themselves. 5->10->20 is rapid succession just looks amateurish and insulting.


Love your posts man. Well said and poignant. I agree the pricing is completely whack. I think they may put a different person in charge of each faction pricing. Or maybe when a sale does well they figure “let’s raise the price, worked last time”. Sad business model.


Scam they trying to scam money out of the players maybe they on there last leg

scammers whoever buy this one s a fool

I really think it’s a function of pricing it until nobody buys it, then scooching it back down again. The worst part is this addiction to “60% off!” badges everywhere. If Nash emotes are actually 60% off at $20, then somebody somewhere thinks a few (3?) so-so emotes and 4500 diamonds (which is like 2.5 days of half-assed gameplay any more) are worth $50.

I mean…really?! I didn’t think to capture the Kuro badge but was it really 95% off at $5? I mean, I’d consider paying $5 or $7 for a handful of emotes (that I liked) but $50?


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Thank you for the feedback.

Most people have very different opinions of what they think a fair price point is for stuff. Some people feel like an “emote pack” is worth $100 each. Some people think it’s worth $5. Some people would never consider ever paying for an emote pack no matter what. These items will be offered at varying price points and people can choose whether they think the item in question is worth the price to them.

I think it is fair feedback to say “I consider this overpriced.” I think it is misleading/mischaracterization to call it a “scam” – the price is clearly posted and anyone can make a decision if they think the package is worth purchasing or not.

Please only purchase items which you think are worth the price.

I have some doubts about the assertion that someone would value an emotes pack structured like the ones we’ve seen so far at $100. Just saying.

I agree: I’m not going to pay for something with a poor value to me. That’s fine. But you should hear and acknowledge what I’m saying here: telegraphing to your potential customers that you have no idea, to nearly an order of magnitude, the value of your product is insulting. When it comes with a really significant price tag that’s out of reach for most of your customers, the message is “we don’t have any clue what this should be worth, but we definitely don’t want you to have it.”

I hope you can see why a lot of us respond more strongly than with just a shrug.

And to be clear, @Holeesmokes never said this was a scam. He correctly is pointing out the difference in price. Now @WHOFARTED did say scam and quite frankly should just not be allowed to comment on these posts. He/she doesn’t have the ability to use correct grammar or punctuation and brings nothing but rhetoric to this forum. Buy the item or don’t… @Holeesmokes is just trying to keep the gaming population informed.


It’s not a ‘scam’ if you receive the item you paid for at the advertised price.

What it IS though…is unmitigated GREED! It is sucking-in dumb kids who have no real value of money and will purchase this stuff with their pocket money on impulse, then go ‘Cool’ for a couple days, then forget it all for the next ‘must have’ thing.

It is appealing to the lowest denominator in judgement to turn a quick buck. It worked great for Fortnite with hapless dullards paying $1000s for useless skin packs etc. This seems to be S7s target market now.

Of course, this is just my humble opinion…

I know it may appear out of touch – I was initially surprised by this as well. But having worked on freemium games for a few years, I’ve learned that there’s a very wide variance of how players want to spend on their games. The vast majority of players want to spend $0. Some players want to spend a bit more. A fraction want to spend significantly more.

Let’s say 1 in 100 people decides to even spend $1 on an emote pack. Of those, maybe 1 in 100 of those might decide to spend $100 on an emote pack. The other 99 people might say “that’s overpriced! by an order of magnitude!” but that single person has made up for it. This 1 in 1,000 person who decides to spend $100 on an emote pack isn’t hurting anyone else — and their spend is used to support the game for everyone (even people who spend nothing.)

We offer things at varying price points, so different people can opt in to the prices they believe they want to spend. If you want to spend $5 on emote packs, then please do — we appreciate it. If you want to buy $20 emote packs, then please do — we appreciate it.


I understand, and I do hope the game can or will be supported by value offerings in the store. God knows I’ve spent plenty in the past on the game, relative to any other phone game I’ve ever played. And I’m offering this feedback not just to assuage my frustration (that’s part of it, sure) but also in the spirit of improvement.

The chest packs are a fine example of pricing differentials. Some folks may be interested in and capable of sprinting for a $99.99 pack. (I’ve bought a few in the past.) Some others may be interested in only the $9.99 range. But here’s the problem, as I see it, from the user’s view: a $99.99 pack should be at least 10x the value of a $9.99 pack, and probably a bonus, too. The marginal cost associated with these two offerings is exactly the same to you, the vendor, and you should assume we, the customers, know this intuitively even if some folks don’t really know what “marginal cost” means in an economic sense.

This does make the job of establishing an intrinsic value to your product a bit tricky, of course. But more than any other context I’ve ever seen, it looks like whoever is doing that has just given up and is assigning prices arbitrarily. For the sake of example, can you provide any clarity on what makes the Nash emote pack 4x as valuable as the Kuro emote pack I bought a week or two ago? It’s priced at a 400% markup, appears to contain half the number of emotes, and I honestly can’t remember how the 4500 diamonds in the offer compare to Kuro or Roxie packs.

I would be extremely interested in any bit of insight you can offer on this differential. Maybe I’m missing something entirely, but I don’t understand how the value on offer with Nash could have been priced without a healthy dose of “maybe we priced Kuro wrong, let’s see.”

Edit: as director of QA for a freemium digital service, I can understand perhaps more than most the trickiness of this problem. I’m trying to understand the strategy here because from where I’m sitting, the model is not setting you up for success.

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@Holeesmokes. We need to get a beer together sometime. :beer:

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Now you’re speaking my language! :beers:

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I don’t care if you’re in school or getting high in your momma’s closet. When you use words directed at other people with the intent to communicate, they need to be able to decipher what you’re saying. I’m not trying to be harsh or rude, but your posts have two consistent characteristics: they’re nearly impossible to understand and as a result they don’t communicate much content. The promise of understanding isn’t enough, in such cases, to justify the heavy effort required. If you don’t give enough of a shit about your audience to find and use the goddamn period to show when your sentences end (much less type the words you mean by spelling them correctly), why should your audience give enough of a shit to do it for you?

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