Emergency Maintenance August 13th

August 13, 2019
Wild Beyond experienced emergency maintenance this morning due to a problem with Event Progression. Any additional prizes collected during the period prior to the downtime will remain. The event has been fixed and players can now participate in it normally. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will be continuing to monitor in case other problems arise. Thank you for your patience!

That’s a bit unfair that only some ppl got a reward skip while others didn’t Bc now they get extra rewards and we only get what we earn setting us farther back than those who earn the skip plus more


Not only that but a lot of the player got the legendary enlist card from the event colossal chest the 90 win prize but it’s only possible to get up to 20-30 wins during the duration of the event unless u spend gems for extra tickets.

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I completely agree. Are the developers rushing events?

Not to mention the fact those rewards could have been used to upgrade before the event.

I don’t have the prizes after 50 wins so…:man_shrugging: Showed me the glitch but wasn’t able to collect

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You still got an extra amount of prizes. I didn’t get the glitch so I’m just getting what I earns Ith tickets while players like you that got the glitches get extra rewards now.

I didn’t get an extra amount of anything… I tried to “collect” these prizes but I didn’t receive anything. Now I can’t collect past 50 wins. That’s what I’m saying.

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There are still some player that were able to collect these prizes though, so there are players like me who didn’t encounter the glitch and cannot get extra prizes and players like u who experienced the glitch and now can’t collect any reward. While those that did get the glitch and collected the prizes now get extra prizes.

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