Elite should give a coin bonus


It’s too hard to get coins and this could be another incentive to sub


Hi @CrispyLardon!

Elite gives you 2x chests for every battle. These chests should be the primary source of most things you need to progress – including the 2x coins!


I agree. I have spent many hundreds of dollars on this game within the past month and a half, but I am honestly so over it. I was just telling my alliance that I am thinking about quitting because I have about 30 units that need to be upgraded right now and it costs like 50 to 60,000 coins each time. I even bought 100,000 coins today on top of getting another of the luxury packs and all I did was add even more cards that I need to upgrade. If they can’t make upgrading more affordable, I can take my money elsewhere. It isn’t a complaint; it’s just a fact. They give us zero incentive to continue spending money.

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