Dreadnaught not doing AOE damage

I was in a challenge while the battle failures were happening and my dread naught was taking out the swarms one by one instead of the whole thing at once. Just wanted to let y’all know. Plz fix.

This is not a bug.


Dreadnaughts have to charge up their attack for several seconds or more to do a single AOE attack per charge. If a dreadnaught unleashed their AOE attack on an enemy and there are still enemies within its range, it CAN NOT deal AOE damage until all threats within its attack range are dealt with until it can charge up again. :giga_gg:

Also, if you deploy a dreadnaught right infront of a ton of enemies, it can not charge up as there are enemies within its attack range.

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Oh ok thank you for telling me I have never experienced this so I never knew about it thank you for the information and for your speed!

There’s a cooldown of 2 seconds of not attacking anything before the Dreadnaught’s area-damage attack can be used, so if a Dreadnaught is continuously attacking without interruption, every attack after the first will be single-target damage. However, if it kills the initial target, doesn’t fire at anything else for at least 2 seconds, its next attack will do area damage. You can tell its area attack is ready when the front gun of the Dreadnaught has lightning visual effects on it.


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