Don’t think event match making is any better

I see someone with the higher lvl units than play legendaries. I don’t have the legendaries for this event. Why am I being pair up so much?

I’m getting constantly paired with level 16s and my commander is level 12 lol I started 37 days ago and this game is matching me with players in the event who are almost maxed

I’m getting matched with people that whose decks are completely maxed out. I still don’t understand how match making works (or doesn’t) in events. However, when I was at all lvl 12s, I was being matched with champions so I guess there’s some improvement.

But at higher level it’s going to feel better the closer that power gap is to being closed, so the higher level players such as yourself can’t get too overpowered since there’s a level cap not too high above you. I feel like events are becoming a marathon for me trying to constantly figure out ways to out play higher levels and the only time I play against people my level is when I’ve lost two or three in a row.