Don’t buy event packages

So I got the event package the 50 dollar one and I can 100% tell u it’s not worth it I just got it to see how many tokens I would get and would anything good come out of it.and like I said to be honest it’s a waste of money it’s nothing like the old chest only got 5.3k tokens out of it which is like coming in 25th in any event and the one card you get from it is very poor it’s a gamble so must likely you will never get what u looking for and another thing you get zero coins ZERO and this is for 50 bucks of ur real money stay away from buying packages to they fix 50 bucks and I couldn’t event get one legend card not even close to getting one. So thanks S7 for making me feel ripped off


I’ve already written long posts about just how not worth it spending money on this game is. Interestingly the other game I play where ai really have no strong urge to spend to win has gotten me to out some money in recently. How? Nothing is more than $20 for 20 you get a decent amount of stuff that is helpful but not absolutely needed and once a month I can get something unique, a skin which adds a cool effect or a little extra power, something neat that I can say yeah for $20 once a month this is worth it.

The devs over here have NO CLUE what motivates players as is clearly seen by how they have driven players to Call of Duty and refuse to listen to the numerous players who have told them they destroyed the game or have flat out quit.

There’s a reason most games make the majority of their money on micro purchases which the players feel are worth it and don’t make money when the players feel they are getting ripped off. Right now I feel perpetually like they are trying to rip me off.

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I don’t get it Whofarted, about 3 days ago in separate threads I verified, you said S7 were basically money grabbers and also you said were just about ready to leave the game.

Why would you then make a purchase 3 days later after making those kinds of post? SMH :man_facepalming:

Instead of complaining, just get a refund - but here’s the thing, you openly admit to purchasing the event package just to checkout how bad it might be?

All you’re really accomplishing is helping S7 meet their daily, weekly, monthly, yearly $ quotas.

Hope you can get a refund, but if I was in S7 finance department and saw your posts, I would think a case could be made for you not being entitled to receiving a refund.

Hope I’m wrong.


I’m not asking for a refund wanted to just see first hand my self how bad it was I know I said those things without buying a pack first I was going off looking and readying how they changed the chest and yes it’s so bad like so so bad even if it was change I don’t think spending money with this company will be worth it I was a 50 to 100 dollar spender on this game before the change I was happy with my purchase but after witnessing first hand how bad it is they will have to do something big for me and maybe anyone to spend again

I feel you it’s like on summoners war they give u so much stuff for free with all types of events that’s not to hard for the players to get it makes u want to spend and help the game continue and the packs is worth it so I spend around 200 bucks on that game every two weeks and been playing it for four years and the game still going strong idk how long this game will be around if no one spending money and if everyone continue to just be unhappy and unsatisfied with ur game.but who our we as a consumer I want to be happy with what I’m buying not like I’m being ripped off and as a seller you want ur buyers to be happy with what ur selling so S7 get ur stuff together before your spending base players leave as well I said this before I don’t want ur game to die cuz I enjoy it but if u can’t get ur ELO head out your ass this is going to die start listing to the buying not some dumb system telling u your game is doing good when it’s not


I’m telling you 50 bucks for 5k tokens and one legend cost 25k so that means I’ll have to spend 250 bucks for one legend card smh :man_facepalming:t4: how ridiculous is that ur so worried about the free to play players that you screwed us play to win players. Every game has a free to play player base and a pay to win player base and those who like free to play know it will take longer to level but if I want something fast I’ll pay for it understand this.just hope it’s not to late before y’all be shutting the game down just like Star Wars did and that game was such a good game and to see it go cuz of dumb decisions be smarter think of ur players and all they complaining about since ur update came out


Yeah I’m not sure how you’ve come to that conclusion. As far as I can tell they’ve made it harder and harder with every update for f2p players to advance in this game. They are universally screwing the playerbase, not just one segment :joy:

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I’m glad I’ve been able to progress before this update.
Gee this game is a mess right now.

I don’t feel like playing it anymore… Just events and basta, hoping they fix it. But I won’t be sticking here for too long if they keep it like this… :frowning:

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Cuz everyone know it’s a longer process for free to play players so when u cater to there needs cuz they don’t have any to spend any money don’t mean stop the progress of the people who do spend money

They haven’t catered to f2p needs dude, they’ve screwed f2p players, they’ve screwed p2w players.

As far as I can tell the only people who weren’t screwed are the people that spent enough to have 3 faction decks that can win the majority of the time in champ arena, weren’t fully maxed or super close to being maxed, have an excess of cards so they don’t need to worry about somehow acquiring legendaries and whatnot with the new card drop rates, needed coins and only coins as the update provides more of those, don’t mind that 2v2s are basically irrelevant, and enjoy decreased competition in ranked play.

Everyone else was screwed.


Lyth, what are you playing? Is it any good? This was my one and only game for soooo long (3yrs- was an original Rebel Sky fan). Still would be, but this update has ripped the guts out of it. Just makes me sad now. No more 2v mates to buddy up with. No meaningful rewards. Boring events.

Open to any recommendations for fun strategy games. This one doesn’t cut it anymore…

None of the games I am playing now are like this one. That’s part of why the whole 2.5 update does nothing but piss me off.

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Try summoners war it’s a pretty good one and been going five years strong with no signs of slowing down

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Mobile legend bang bang is fun as well

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Epic7 is like summoners wars with better graffics and waifus.

Yeah it is but I’m so far a long in summoners war and have so many nat fives and six stars I don’t want to start another grind game like that

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