Do you boost player decks for event matches?

You mention that you’ll boost player’s decks if the chances of winning for one side is lower than 30%… So either my level 11 Nash with max level 12 had a 30% or higher chance to beat.a level 17 Val and her level 17 deck, or you don’t boost decks for events. This match has been the most extreme, but since the start of the event, I have maybe fought 1 person on par with my level, with everyone else being higher level in either commander level or unit level. I have to pray the people I fight misplay in order to win, as playing even against them will cause me to lose in overtime due to the difference in barrier and base health.

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You portrait (gold = 1st place in the event!) and your experience (almost always paired against players with higher level cards) suggest to me that you’re too skilled to be paired up with people with the same card levels. If we did that, you’d probably always win. It’d be better if we had more players of your skill level at your card levels, but it seems like you’re doing quite while fighting up regardless right now!

Sure, I can win with a mild to medium level difference (1-3)… but any higher Is really pushing it. That match above for example, was just a waste of a ticket for me. I wouldn’t be matched against them in a normal game, so why am I matched against them in events apart from the fact that we’re both winning more than average?

(Oh, and the original question wasn’t answered. It’d be ok if my deck were to be boosted to theirs or there was a cap on units. But it doesn’t appear to be in effect.)

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I think the system believed that you had a good chance of beating them. It’s hard to know if that belief was true or false based on a single outcome – someone had to lose, after all. I’m hopeful that since your overall record is above 50/50, on balance your getting a good set of matches overall even if some feel pretty unfair (and I completely understand why, given that matchup). In an ideal world, we’d have enough players at your skill AND card level that you would see big differences in card level. But given we aren’t in that ideal world, we keep queue times low by pairing you against anyone you have a 50/50 chance of beating. I’d like to think that if you played that player a bunch of times you’d win about half the time. But maybe it was just a bad matchup (I’m sure that happens too, though overall win/loss rates makes me believe that it isn’t usually too lopsided [minus some luck factor on draws that can tilt the scales of course]).

Let’s chat about it more in the main thread on this here: Lopsided event matchups