Do people in my event bracket even fight the same fights as I do?

Perhaps I’m just a bit annoyed that the person below me (now above me) caught up. After all, my experience in getting to first place was one where I fight many people, usually level 14 or higher, and just barely winning ( I’m a Level 13 commander with max level 13 cards.). Sometimes, I get matched against a level 17 person, which results in a wasted event ticket. At first, I was alright with this, second place was 1000+ medals below me (at about 200 medals per win, that’s 5 wins in a row.), it shouldn’t have been an issue to hold my first place. Yet they still caught up… since I can’t tell how many wins or losses they have, I don’t know if they played well or played a lot. While I don’t think 6K medals is high for the capped out players, it’s quite a big deal for my bracket considering I believe I won the previous event at around 4-5K medals.

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Yeah. I’d like S7 to add a couple categories to the tournament rank page showing the number of games played and number of games won. That way we could see just how egregious the point system really is.