Do not play lvl 17 arenas until fixed

I do t know if anyone has bothered to pay attention, but the lvl 17 arena constantly steals stars from you. I logged with 4130 came back to 4125 and two minutes later was down to 4117.

Lol, why play an arena who takes points from you

This is a visual glitch that we will patch in the next app update (not 2.51). Your Champion Forge medals only show an accurate value after you close and reopen the game. After you play a 1v1 match, the game will show your medals going up or down by 20 … but in that arena, that is no longer accurate. Medals instead go up and down based on your elo rating (you’ll win more for beating tough opponents, and less for beating easier opponents, etc.).

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@S7Dave thank you for a quick response and explanation. Maybe you should take over the thread responses and tell @S7campusLifer to stay off.

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Does that mean that in this arena the matchmaking is just like before update? Wasn’t the whole point of the update to get away from ELO?

The new leaderboard doesn’t change matchmaking. We’ll still try to find competitive matches (still based on elo, but now also subject to the new constraint since v2.50 that your opponent’s cards cannot be higher than your arena level). Part of the goal of arenas was to give players control over their opponents’ card levels (a personal preference).

Amen to that. He/She’s a tool bag.

The problem was not fixed so far. I am still getting 20 per win and see my medals decreasing after i close and open the game.

For me they fixed it idk if it’s just you or if others is having the same issue but I won like three games and got 3k points

Interesting. Had a number of medals. Closed and reopened game, had same number of medals. Played a match and won, lost 100 medals. Closed and reopened game won a match, gained 20 medals. Closed and reopened game, lost 16 medals.

Tldr 2 wins a zero losses = -94 medals. Seems like more than a visual bug.

Edit on second glance at this I understand what you were saying. The visual bug isn’t that your medals are going away, it’s that you never earned them in the first place. It’s shows 20 medals when you actually were awarded 4 or whatever.

This bug was not fixed. It can also change just by closing, reopening and NOT PLAYING a game, then closing and reopening later. If it’s just visual bug as u say it still hasnt been fixed. But i think it seems to present as more than a visual bug

So i say that i win like 90% of my games. My problem is i get 3 medals per win and when i do lose one, I lose like 20-30. Isn’t it also unfair because i can match people who aren’t in 17 arena but they have all max 17 cards because you want to make it “fair.” If they lose, they lose nothing because they aren’t 17 arena. When i lose I lose 20-35 medals. makes no sense. I used to not care about leaderboard, but now you taken away our frames,2vs2 with friends, gauntlet, boss blitz, and unit drop rates, there is one goal now. leaderboard.

Oh and this is off topic. How do i change my forumn profile picture/icon. I don’t want to be a banana anymore😔.

I take back what I said about understanding what you said Dave and that it’s just a visual bug. You medal system in the champ arena is totally effed. -253 medals for a win HAHAHAHA

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