Do boosted players know they’re boosted?

3 out of 4 games I play are against players with inflated units and levels, without a real alliance. Do these players actually know that their units are all lvl 50 against me? Or do they just think they beat a high ranked player in a top alliance? Do they show my lvls as equal to theirs? Theirs equal to mine? The annoying emojis after it are getting ridiculous. It wasn’t you, it was the system maxing out all your units against my avg lvl 47. They’re literally saying my experience makes them give you a minimum 3 lvl advantage AFTER they boost you. In my opinion, neither here nor there, shouldn’t be to give them and equal or higher chance or winning. And yes, giving someone lvl 50 more than makes up for experience where I avg 45 and have two lvl 50 units.

The Devs could be masking both players you and your opponent. For all we know you could be playing a teammate. Since this game does not have a big enough player base I would suspect that.

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They do not know anymore than you know. It’s symmetric.

Both players are shown that they are playing against someone else who is appropriate for their arena.

Could I even be playing my teammates in the event as well? I’m guessing yes.

I haven’t personally reviewed the code, but my understanding is the boosting system is not supposed to ever pair you with your own teammate.

No you can’t

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