Disconnecting issue

Hey guys so this is something that has been buggin me for a while now. There have been many games where I disconnect for leaving the app for any amount of time. Locked screen, tapping a notification, swiping up from bottom (iPhone X), etc. I feel like this is a semi simple thing to fix. I understand why it boots when not in game to keep servers from getting bogged down but PLEASE make an update that allows people who are in a match at least like 5-10 seconds to come back. I know you guys are busy and all but I’m positive I’m not the only player frustrated by this “bug”
Thanks for reading.

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Hi @4abca246b1bed885cc89. This is something we’d like to do, but unfortunately is difficult to accomplish the way our networking system is architected right now. If we were to do this it would require major overhauls of how things work.

I agree this would be better.

It might happen someday, but unfortunately not anytime soon.

I will add that the crashing issue specifically (where the app closes out entirely, and at random) is a current iOS software issue; it happens in many games and has been a persistent problem since the previous iteration of iOS. Clash Royale attempted a patch but it didn’t work so there truly is nothing they can do but wait until apple fixes the issue, which also seems to be more specific to model 6’s of all kinds, possibly older models as well.

Ah ok thanks for listening. I guess I just gotta be more careful

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