Disappointed in the Campaign


I hope you take this as constructive criticism, it’s not a complaint about balance or economy or anything like that, it’s truly a quality issue.

I have to say I am very disappointed in the new 3 worlds of the campaign. This isn’t about whether they are fair and the enemy building energy too fast or dropping cards when they shouldn’t be able to that others complained about. No this is about how boring and pointless it is as PvE.

In the original 3 worlds there were cut scenes between commanders that gave some storyline and there were unique commanders that have mostly been shuffled off to the mines. Now there is no plot, no cut scenes, no storyline. We simple fight the normal 6 commanders over and over again. If that was all you were going to do you could have given it to us ages ago, it shows very little development, isn’t particularly good PvE, and is really a poor addition to the game comparatively.


Right? Guess they just decided they wanted to slap something up and call it a “story”

I want to emphasize the constructive criticism part. Although the energy really bothers me, Lyth does have a point. We appreciate the effort, it’s just a little flat.


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