Difficulty completing quests that require X amount of coins at end game

Just a little feedback with endgame players such as myself, it is very difficult to complete quests that require you to spend X amount of coins. All my units are lvl 15 and up. (And a few 14) so it’s very difficult to get this done. Please consider changing this quest to not require coins, or if it does, please guarantee coins as an option to pick from.


I agree these are difficult, but (candidly) for now I think that’s just going to be part of the increased challenge that comes with leveling. We did make an adjustment a while back so that high ranked players wouldn’t be asked to upgrade units from a particular faction anymore (because that could be even more difficult to pull together the coins for). (So I guess I’m saying there could always be another adjustment along those lines, but there’s not one in the works right now.)

If you wouldn’t mind, I would really like for you to request to push it forward so the late game people have something to do. I often just do the quests for hours, and lately that has slowed down significantly and I find myself refreshing chests nearly 80% less than it was when I could just do one after another. So, you guys are losing revenue from you veteran players because of a mechanic that could easily be solved before tomorrow’s lunch time. Keep up the communication on the forums. It was badly needed to retain your customers. So on behalf of the WB community if I may, we thank you for showing that our business is valued as well as a healthy relationship between the developers and the community.


Guess that should not be that difficult for devs to simply suppress the 3 options requesting coins in the code? It would be appreciated you do so S7. We would love you for that.

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