Didn’t Realize There was Rank Decay in the game


I logged on after a short break over the holidays and found myself in Bronze V. Previously I was in Silver as high as 2-3 games out of gold. What the hell is that about?


Likely one of two things:

  1. You switched commanders. Different factions have their own individual ranks.
  2. You logged back in after the rank reset. New season, we all experienced a drop in rank.


There’s no regular decay for not playing. Rank medal adjustments were made as the December ladder concluded, and a ranked chest was awarded for your highest rank reached in the previous ladder as well.


Basically, you spend a month climbing the ladder…and at the end of the month, you get kicked back down…think “Sisyphus”


Yep, except you get Epic and sometimes Legendary cards each time! It’s a pretty standard practice for most other competitive games with ladder/rank systems.


Question…does bronze get set back to stone…or does the rank decay begin with silver?


Monthly rank adjustments cannot set you below Stone.