Did not receive my 20 win reward

In the current event, I just hit the 20 win mark and the reward is one event ticket, which I did not receive. I had one ticket left, so the reward should have brought me to two tickets, but I still have just one.

The 20 win reward is a usable emblem for your account, the 4 win reward is 2 tickets

Well idk if it’s different for different brackets then, my 20 win was 1 ticket. Usually it’s the avatar that matches the game for the 20 win, this time it was one single ticket.

What level are you? I’m level 22 and don’t think the rewards are different yet

I’m level 26 right now, almost 27

20 wins is always the Event Portrait icon and not an Event Ticket.

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Well I guess we figured that out lol

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Well that’s fine, but I’m just letting you guys know that there’s a bug I guess. I didn’t get the portrait either lol. It’s really not a big deal, just thought you guys would like to know about a possible bug

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