Did not get daily alliance tokens

Sorry to bother but I was not able to collect daily alliance quest tokens before it started over. Please help

Was not able to collect, please help

Hi @Merciless1! So sorry about that! Please contact our in-game “zendesk” support team (go to settings menu => help center). Our team should be able to help you get your rewards.

This seems to have happened to a lot of people this time. I haven’t had it happen in ages but this time it hit me too. I put in a Zendesk ticket right away knowing there is almost no time left in the season.

Hi @Lyth. Sadly we have a bug in the client. Our QA & engineering team has been trying to reproduce & fix the bug “in the lab” for almost 2 weeks. We’ve put in some things into the next update which we think will make it better, but I can’t guarantee it will be 100% fixed because we haven’t actually caught the bug in our debuggers so we can say definitively it is certainly fixed. I remain hopeful though.

Lyth it happened to me 4 times back to back, but the one today I actually got

I get it but I put in a ticket as soon as it happened. The portals close in less then 4 hours now and I haven’t gotten the tokens back. Not that there is much I will be able to get with it at this point but I could grab something.

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