Did anyone find the chests are giving out less coins?

I used to be able to make 10k coins through battling. Now only 5000. Does anyone feel the same?

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Oh yeah, there was a huge blow up about it. And the “fix” wasn’t anywhere close to being satisfactory. They supposedly reimbursed the coins to people, like me, who have 100% coin booster, but I’ve yet to see it. I’m completely irritated by a lot of hidden updates they put out, but this one especially makes me downright angry.

So devs…the coin output is still ridiculous. The reasoning behind the change doesn’t make sense (kind of like the “spreadsheet” response we got for changing the value of event packs), is there going to be a real fix for this? Or just more half hearted efforts?


i Support any thread that is dealing with this situation. I never got reimburse either


Same also there’s a few bug with season tokens not counting.


This is absurd. They are basically punishing everyone to adapt to the seasons token system. What if I am still struggling with getting those seasons units? Rewarding the devoted is fine, but punishing everyone is just weird.

This change does not reward the devoted, it hurts them even more.


Buffs to the Coin Boost are detailed here:

@PHNEWALLETKEYS Your game was credited 32,000 Coins on Jun 4, 2019 at 6:34:04 PM
@Lilmic Your game was credited 32,000 Coins on Jun 4, 2019 at 6:33:45 PM
@BLAZ3DASPLIFF Your game was credited 32,000 Coins on Jun 4, 2019 at 6:33:48 PM

I honestly didn’t even notice or I wouldn’t of said anything but I feel like I received nothing since there was no notification. Could yous possibly updated game so when you receive a credit of some sort that it gets your attention and shows you. Would cause less confusion and clogging the forum with repeat post for every issue. Also game messages for global letting us know issues you are working on or present bugs like the season tokens not everybody goes on here for information. Why such a long time to reply also ? Couldn’t we just received that answer by the next day???

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A simple look at account balance and the list of players with boosts should be quick referencing. Are you guys working on the game on weekend or mainly partying ? Jokin but seriously…

Huge changes mid season after people were expecting 100% the going rate of coins per crate now the values less. There is no way that compensation makes up for losses that we receive until end of season I have lost 5000 coins every day and that’s just the elite crates gain by the current rate when yous changed it to 180%. Originally we were losing like over 10 000 coins a day just in Elite crates all I know is it’s not adding up or worth the value advertised. WHY WERE THE COINS REDUCED IN THE FIRST PLACE ?

Were we gaining upgrades too fast?? Statistically ???

Yeah but if you guys hadn’t changed the coin output, I would’ve received A LOT more than 32k coins lol. With the 100% coin booster, I would’ve been able to upgrade a card to lvl 17, but instead I get 32k coins and that’s supposed to be good enough? Nope.

Still doesn’t make up for the fact that you guys are completely screwing up this game. Silent protest time!

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