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Ok I have multiple things I would like to discuss. First we need an influx of new players, release on android or advertising, something we need fresh blood. this game has so much potential more people need to be able to play. Second please give us more coin just a little please. Either raise what we get from chest or make chest more frequent, something. I have more than enough alliance tokens… coin please. Third multiple decks saved for one commander ie a solo deck and 2vs decks. One thought I have shared before is a chest cool down reduction based on a victory. Cool down time is reduced by x% after each victory, it would make people want to continue playing thus rewarding those of us who grind on this game daily making nearly no progress. I have have spent plenty on my own money on this game but it’s not getting me any where and I am not willing to drop $100s of dollars to get what I know I could earn if only we were given fair rewards. One other thing the win/loss ratio is so off we are only given a few medals for wins and a loss takes at least 2x the amount of medals from us making rank progression so insanely hard. We just want a fair game. ok, rant over… please discuss

Ps thank you for the changes/ add ons you have released, this Is the only game I play please continue in making it better, I don’t want to give up on you all yet. I have made some great friends playing this game and it’s sad to see everyone struggle when we all enjoy the game so much.


Ok so another thing to think about, with the new event set up 4 of the same troop x2 so eight cards from our team is already taken up is just too many, it becomes luck of the draw and not your skill and ability to play, just by lowering it to 3 of each troop would be nice or multiple cards we could choose from 3 or 4 pre set options


And what about 2vs2 events… rotate between solo events a 2’s event. That’s a good idea js

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Hi fire fairy. Thanks for the list of feedback. These are all very valid points. We’re a very small team and right now were all heads down working on a big revamp of the game around a new matchmaking system. We’re a small enough team that it’s about all we can bite off to work on at once. I’m pretty sure this is the right thing to focus on — unfair matchmaking has been the biggest issue with the game for a long time. Once we’re done with that, hopefully we’ll see enough improvement that we can grow the playerbase and start focusing on some other priorities.


That is understandable, however these issues along with match making have alway been a topic of our discussions. Some of the things are easily adjusted. Such as coin amounts given no major over haul needed. Seriously you have the top let’s say 100 players (who I am confident in saying have all or most spent money on this game) telling you exactly what would make this game better. It’s a win win. We just want to continue enjoying the game and want it to stick around. Also please advertise more, we need more ppl playing to even things out. Right now it’s basically the same core players fighting one another. There is not enough competition.

Also thank you for your quick response.

And after thinking about it right now there aren’t enough players for matching to much of an issue atm js

It is still believe that you should have tried first with a simple « first in first match » random matchmaking (MM) rather than developing complex algorythm. You could argue people would claim MM is unfair? People are frustrated because on the other hand you have set another too complex points system where you lose more than you win, i e you are having a long MM time and you have the risk to lose your progression. Therefore it is believe that people would not mind having larger random MM and losses, if this would not drastically impact their progression.

This is what we will be moving towards.

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This revamp should be interesting… kinda excited kinda worried… :confused::confused:

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