Devs - Bring back nuke truck

Nuke truck is my favorite card. I decreased its use when you overnerfed it because asc warp is too good. Now thanks to asc madness being too good I have had to remove nuke truck completely from my deck.

I am very sad that I can no longer play my favorite card. Remove asc from the game entirely so I can happily nuke things with my nuke trucks again.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
Lost in a bottle of no-nuke depression


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Further more I’m curious if all balance efforts are made to try to keep legion and asc competitive with each other or whoever is in charge of that happens to just like legion and asc best.

After the addition of typhoon and prior to the introduction of madness rogue was in the best place it’s been in a long time and rogue players managed to take a whopping 20% of the top 100 leaderboard spots.

Now that madness is in the game and yet another rogue card (nuke truck) has been pushed into obscurity rogue accounts for a measly 14% of the leaderboard with asc occupying 40% and legion taking the crown with 46%

Rogue needs some love too :sob:

I think it’s fun when nuke trucks go backwards :sweat_smile:

I think using a madness on madness should reverse the madness, as well as freezing it.


Haha true. But what about when your nuke attacks your own base and that was your last card. And they win because of your nuke. It is fun in event to madness but also very annoying.

I agree since I’ve started rogue has always been the hardest to use in ranked matchups. Recent Roxie tweak I hear has helped maybe add some air unit that can hit air and ground? Idk I know all the factions should feel different to play with and against but rogue has always seemed to have a much steeper learning curve then the rest and it shows even at the highest level.

I personally love rouge as in most games I tend to loosen toward the β€œoutside” group that doesn’t fit in because they are simply awesome. When I first joined rouge was great and the game felt balanced with asc lacking a little. Legion is fine the way it is and probably will always be. Rouge was the best in my opinion. Now even though I don’t like to use ascension I am forced to because ascension is the only faction that can counter… guess what? Ascension, this madness is complete and utter madness(pun intended) ascension used to not be great but was a gold mine for the devs because new players spent money on that faction only to find out it was wasted money. Now ascension can counter anything and I mean ANYTHING. Avassa? Madness. Nuke truck? Madness. Swarm? Madness. Rush? Madness. Doing any of the above? Use freeze then madness then nano then madness again and you won the game. Not fair gameplay at all. Can’t place good units for fear of them betraying you and making you lose. Madness was a good idea just not for ascension. Ascension has enough tactics! No more

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Every reason people didn’t like nuke truck and it was repeatedly nerfed and then power crept from most deck is 2x worse with madness. Garbage mechanics resulting in worthless gameplay. The only thing that’s amazing is more people haven’t figure out how to use it correctly in asc decks, and the more that do the less reason there is for anyone else to bother playing this game.

I don’t understand what your point is…

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