Devs are broken

This is really pathetic


The pathetic thing is not one single dev has the guts and backbone to come online and say anything. They are a bunch of cowards.

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The people who work on the game and communicate with the players have quite likely been told to say nothing.

It now seems like a conscious decision to me. It came from the people in charged.

So, to that end, remember what S7 (an LLC) and their owners Pocket Gems, Inc. have done.

Great concept that was poorly handled. Cash grab, that is all there is to it.

Who pays the price? The people actually doing the work and the gamers.


I am sure there legal advisors have told them what to do. It’s sad because the game was unique and really almost perfect before these last two updates. It just need some small adjustments but at this point it appears to be all over. I guess we will know for sure by tomorrow if we don’t get a reply. I would tell everyone just to keep playing regardless of the crappy conditions don’t give in to their plans. Don’t quit.




That is great thanks

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