Dev what were you thinking?

This update is wild beyond! I assure you i am the least person you want in your forums, be my guest and ask any other developer. You might as well have installed malware into the game with this one. Not even a special gift for veteran players, not even a shiny beautiful live-portrait. But a slap to the face after spending almost 1k $. ¿You realize the community pays for the game and your updates? And you give us this? Literally dust. But with a fat 0 next to it. Can you math? Ill count how many employees are getting fired for every dollar spent in game. This is pathetic. How do you release an “update” by taking away all of my thousands of cards. I had soo many! Legendary’s as well as epics rare’s and grey’s. Inflation is written all over the place. Some season rewards now cost more for me. I was saving my cards up for enough coins to rank them up. I bought so many chests. And dont even get me started on devaluation of what diamonds are worth now. And you even have the audacity to charge 19.99 for premium?! What in the planet x is this ? I want to know how many jive turkey’s :turkey: you have back at devs. Ive been robbed. Literally. My name is Ace, im in synergy plus alliance. You best believe you’ll be hearing a lot more from me. You’re sleeping with my wallet under your pillow while im typing my complaint @1:50 am. Its like this “update” is for welcoming new players and you forgot about everyone who gave you the money for it in the first place. Ive spent hundreds of dollars… i might as well be on the dev team. Those chests gave me a ton of cards coins and diamonds just so those diamonds can be spent into even more chests. In then end the money we spent has been wasted. Anyone with a brain will clearly understand what im talking about. Im putting in emails, tickets, im calling iTunes Tomorrow and ill even file a law suit and take this to court if i have to. I already deal with enough within the military to be treated anything less.


Ace, I couldn’t have said it better. Also, where did my lifetime elite go?


I would submit a ticket immediately, but if you think about it, Lifetime is no longer even worth buying.


Ace, my exact sentiments. We are bushwhacked big time by this totally unwarranted and unwanted update change! BUSHWHACKED!


I found it but it’s basically worthless now

For those of you who purchased lifetime elite, doesn’t matter if it’s worth it or not - it should not be expiring. If this happened to you, get a refund. If they dispute your claim, dispute it with your credit card company. I’ve never had a problem with any credit card company when I disputed a purchase. They are pretty good about having your back in this situation.

If you have purchased lifetime elite and are seeing anything less, please take a screenshot and send it to us via the “Contact us” button in the app. This is a bug and we will fix it for you.

How the hell to you screen shot something you bought over a year ago?

I’m asking for a screenshot showing that it’s running out.

It’s already run out (yesterday). You seriously can’t pull this up yourself? FFS…why bother.

Please write in using the “contact us” link in the app and we will look at your case.

Hi @SharkScarz Our team is trying to debug your account’s lifetime elite and we’re having trouble reproducing the issue. Can you please send us a message through our customer support software (the “Contact us” button in the app) so I can talk to you about the specifics to try to figure this out?

@S7campusLifer It’s amazing that you expect a huge number of your player base to submit ticket after ticket after ticket to you for each and every bug that is encountered after an update that is plagued with myriads of them.

What’s more amazing is that your only goal is to slapfix the issues and you are not compensating players for their grief and time. If I have to submit a 6th bug report for help for myself or family members accounts I’m just going to uninstall and start requesting chargebacks instead. Fantastic customer service. 0/10

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Sometimes fixing someone’s account involves some debugging and back and forth of personal details. It is not appropriate to discuss it on the forum.

That’s a complete cop out. Are you seriously suggesting you cant see a history of your paying customer’s transactions/purchases?

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In @SharkScarz specific case, our server shows that his Lifetime Elite is still active. I personally downloaded his account onto my QA device, and it was showing me lifetime elite was active in the game on that device. I fully believe @SharkScarz is seeing a problem, but I’m having trouble replicating it — which makes it hard for me to fix the problem. I was hoping to have a discussion with him and hopefully get some screenshots of what he’s seeing so I can try to fix it for him.

Yes, in an ideal world we wouldn’t have any bugs and we’d know exactly what is wrong every time a customer has a problem without needing to talk with them for more information. That’s not realistic in every single case. I’m not sure why you’re using accusatory language for trying to work with a customer to fix their problems.

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Stating a point is not accusatory. I note your response to Shark is a cut and paste response very similar to the ones I’ve received along with dozens of others. ‘Fixing bugs, send screen shots/proof of purchase’ etc…

My point being, none of us should have to trawl through 1-3 years of itunes purchases in attempts to prove features we’ve already purchased. You’ve gotten our money, surely you have a record of the related purchases - or is WB really…that…poorly…administered?

You are (as an individual) in a pretty tough spot for which I have some empathy. It would be a mistake to take comments here as a personal attack. However, you are trying to defend the indefensible. The upgrade is crap, your members are falling like flies.

I get that S7 have had a go at balancing matches, but at the same time you (S7 - not ‘you’) changed the entire platform of social dynamics (well, pretty much destroyed them) while ripping hard earned units of loyal long term players. Too big a bite which I think S7 are going to choke on.

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Any chance we can get a roadmap S7 of where the game is heading post v2.50?

You ask us to contact you and we do and don’t get a response. I sent you guys an e-mail through “contact us” about only getting coin/chest/diamonds for basic and not getting the elite extra bonus pay out before my 30 trial was up that was over ago and still you guys haven’t responded so I see us saying something on here about it puts you guys on front street and don’t give you anywhere to hide from the issue so we don’t have to use “contact us” to make sure we are heard. I’m just saying.

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Hi Savage. Can you please send over your zendesk ticket id so I can look into what happened?