Deck test idea/ more deck slots

I believe that a great idea for this game would be a risk free way of playing. You can create/ use existing deck and everything would be maxed level. This could be a way of testing new u it’s to see if we want them or if we think they are worth grinding for(I personally don’t like any of the legends of this season). As I said already maxed unit should be a must so it doesn’t become lv 17 vs lv 5 troops. A requirement of level 20 or so brand new players don’t fight or brand new right brand new as us golds-champions can fight to learn new strats. I believe it would be a fun way to test decks and not have to worry about ranks.

On the other topic more deck options sound great but I know that is a huge Hassle with boss blitz and campaign. Maybe in this new feature we could copy/paste decks if we have all the units and are all from one faction. That way there are less bugs(maybe) and it is solving 2 birds with 1 stone.

Deck slots and sharing are on our radar and something I think we can do medium term. Testing decks against your alliance or something would be useful and fun too, but isn’t on the roadmap (too many other higher priority items first).

Oh yes I agree that it shouldn’t come first, I just see people complain about the deck slots and this is just an idea to put it together… definitely not now though. Games needs bigger problems fixed

Seems like adding the challenge button from general chat into alliance chat would be relatively simple.

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