Deck slots and a clear deck button

Currently, if I wanted to scrap my deck and try to build a different one I have to drag all of the units to the bottom individually which is a bit annoying. I’d really like to se a clear deck button implemented and also multiple deck slots. Even if you have to buy or earn the extra slots with level or gold I think a lot of players would use them. We might also see people more inclined to try new strategies which would make the games more interesting. I find myself sticking to essentially the exact same deck for a while once I find success with it mostly because it takes so much time to build a good deck and test it.

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Clear deck by shaking your phone. Adding slots to buy would just increase PTW which would make the game worse because then you can have 10/20/30 more u it’s than your opponent and that’s not fair

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Not number of units in a deck the number of decks I can have

Ah ok

That’s a great idea

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