Deck power

Last two events everyone has been roughly 100k deck power higher than me. Is this happening to others? Usually the match ups are better but the last two have been really rough

Hi @Brainzz. I don’t really have any information this. For now, we’ve paused working on the ELO-based matchmaking found in events while we focus on Multiplayer Arenas. Eventually we hope to bring the Multiplayer Arena style solution to events.

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Thank you for the update. Hopefully it gets looked at soon cuz I’m getting nothing but lvl 17 commanders and units and I’m hardly lvl 14 average

Same here Brainzz. Only means you have a high ELO. Sucks tho cause deck draw has so much to do with it.

Yea you might be right about a high elo. But 90% of the players have all been maxed 17s and everyone in my bracket is like 5k higher deck might. It’s nuts. Look at these event points… I’ve been busting my ass just to hit 8k points and these guys are all over 40k. I need 25k points to be in 10th place. That’s just ridiculous it’s like I’m in it with all the big spenders… I don’t belong here !!

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I totally agree with you and understand where you are coming from. It’s not a fair or balance approach to the events. Those of us with maxed decks are getting tired of the time it takes grinding out wins and the cost just burns you out. It becomes old very fast and just boring.

I’m in the same group as you. All my bosses are level 13 or 14. Playing with the big boys. I’m lucky to be in the top 40 with my 7-8k points when people in my alliance get 6th place with 2450 points. Just crazy.

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I have been exactly in your spot with level 13-14 decks and then 15 and 16 decks before I finally upgraded enough. It does not get any easier with a maxed deck. I have had tougher opponents with 15 and 16 level decks than maxed out 17 decks.

The event leaderboard leaderboards are determined by seeing “How strong is your card collection.”
It’s the number next to your name (30.5k).

Players get bucketed into 3 different group based on their collection strength (low, medium, high.)

For sure you have less collection strength than the top 3 players (they have 37.3-35.0k), but you’re closer to them than the people bucketed in the lower strength leaderboards.

The long term plan for all of this is to move away from ELO matching in events. Instead, have a series of level-capped event arenas which pay out more medals for wins in harder arenas.

Doesn’t matter much, as long as it’s pay to win it will always favor those with the most gems and willingness to spend them