Dear S7 I understand you don’t want any f2p players

So, formerly a top 10 player who spent a year playing this game for free to upgrade the faction of my choice to high enough levels to compete the only thing I played for was to see how high I could climb in ranked.

Now I’m locked out of any league that allows cards over lvl13. It’s my understanding to unlock the lvl17 league and happily play the deck of my choice I spent a year on you want me to buy upgrades in the other factions? Yeah no. So if I don’t want to buy upgrades I guess I can grind another year or two to get other factions at high enough card levels to crawl my way back into the top league. Sounds FANTASTIC. Nope.

Let’s say I buy into this money grabbing scheme and get to the top league again. Then what’s the competition? Who has the most medals wins the leaderboard? So I need 3 maxed factions to be able to “compete”?

Awesome. This game is now a competition to show off how many maxed units you’ve bought. Why don’t you just put a leaderboard up showing ranks based on how much money people have spent. It would be easier than this hot trash you’ve come up with and as a bonus no one would have to “play” this disgrace of a game to get their name on the leaderboard.

For laughs here’s what the game has become for a former #1 player:

Since I have no confidence you S7 want to address the above in any meaningful manner and are looking for an excuse to lock this thread and ignore the topic I’ll provide you with an excuse. edited out the profanity here but it rhymes with duck who.


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Hi Negative. We unlocked arenas for players based on their total card power level. It’s not a perfect mapping, but for what it’s worth, that’s what we did. In your case, you’re clearly one of the top players in the game, and I’m sure you’d be cleaning up in the top arena. Let me chat with our team and see if there’s something we can do here.

Please note that you do not currently need 3 maxed factions to compete. You can move up to higher arenas without leveling up your cards – the arenas allow you to play higher cards, but don’t require you to play higher cards. More talented players will move up to harder arenas even if they have weaker cards than some less talented opponents. You can still be rank 1 on the leaderboard with (a) lower level cards and (b) only one strong faction. That said, I think I’d like the game to reward people who excel at multiple factions – if for no other reason than it’s often more fun to have variety (playing different factions) than not.


I appreciate the response. I’d like to point out that while I may be a small vocal subset there are others I’m aware of that are in similar situations and I hope you can find a way to rectify this before myself and others like me stop bothering to log in to check and see if things have changed.

I realize it’s possible to unlock the top arena without being maxed, and it’s good to know that a one faction specialist might be able to compete once there. I don’t know if you’ve done the math to actually unlock all the stars needed in my case but the number of battles and presumably number of other faction upgrades required to actually accomplish this is far from insignificant and for me it’s just too many barriers to grind through.

I understand multiple factions bring variety. Luckily most people gravitate to different factions for whatever reason so not all battles are just one faction. I’ve always planned to start upgrading a second faction once my first choice was completely maxed and it was close before the update, but the update has removed any motivation for me to continue playing by placing unreasonably large barriers in my path just to get to where I was pre update.

All of the above is why I simply won’t play another arena battle unless something is done. There are further fundamental new issues that I think need to be quickly addressed if this game is going to hold onto any significant percentage of the current playerbase but I personally have been placed in a position where those issues will not effect me because currently I will not continue playing the game.

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Yes; discussing with the team what we can do for you and others in a similar situation.

Get rid of the update.


Lol, their greed has literally killed the game. The best game on the App Store ruin by greed


Alright @S7Dave it’s been a week and y’all have released an update. Was there a decision to do anything here or no?

Sorry for the delay @Negat1ve.

The team believes players need to play more than one faction well in order to reach the top arenas. Arenas were unlocked for long-time players like yourself based on their card levels (which is only an approximation of a player’s strength since skill at using the cards matters quite a lot). You’ll be able to work up to the top arena by ranking up with a second faction (you don’t have to use all three) – possibly even without upgrading anything.

Ah great to know. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. The title of this thread is accurate and becomes even more poignant with every new update that further discourages being able to complete or compete in any aspect of this game without possibly significant spending.

Mines/bosses update, sorry can’t do those all you gotta have three high card level factions. Go buy some.

Events? Sorry enjoy these lvl1 required cards. You really should have bought seasonal units for all factions to have some halfway useful required units.

And finally ranked? Hey you worked for a year to play this game mode? Get lost or go buy some more factions.

S7’s greed has finally ruined every aspect of this game. I truly hope the game fails and jobs are lost. Unfortunately there’s a sucker born every minute, and with some basic marketing and an Android release I have no doubt you terrible devs can find many more suckers to throw their money at the disgrace you’ve developed this game into.

To all the whales that have bought many upgrades across factions. No hard feelings, I enjoyed playing vs many of you over the last year. I’m sorry s7 has squandered your money and used it to ruin any competition in the champ arena (so I’m told) and push many of your competitors out of the game.

To those that are enjoying the game now because the lack of competition, I’m sorry for you, but am also glad you now have something to play that’s more at your pace.


I feel your pain mate.

I’ve not put in real effort into maxing a team, but rather I’ve put my effort into the team I enjoy most playing (in my case, I like the quirky units that come with Roxie).

For this, I’m penalised. For not playing the units I find less fun.

It’s some crazy logic that’s gone behind this shakeup…

Hate that it looks to be killing what used to be my favourite game.

Join the rig discord then #gaming

So, ground a bunch of games playing my weak non-preferred factions to unlock some participation stars to unlock a bunch of arenas to unlock champ arena to give s7 a chance and attempt to enjoy playing this game again.

Turns out that statement you made is 100% pure unadulterated bullshit.

Shame on me for taking something stated by s7 as true. I feel like an utter fool.

For fun here’s the math: if I win 13 games a day for 6 months and never lose a single game I can get to #1 assuming no one else wins any more medals. That would be a 2274 game win streak. I’m good but I’m not that good. Hah.

This is assuming your elo system doesn’t eventually reward less than the 4 medals I can currently earn on a win :joy::joy::joy::-1::fu:


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