Daily quests did not reset

I finished my daily quests for yesterday, went to bed and this morning the game shows 21 hours till next reset and my progress bar is blank but there are no quests. Since the last update all sorts of reset times have been messed up. Event tickets aren’t reseting right, daily quests aren’t always reseting right, weekly quests disappear sometimes and when they reset all progress is lost. This is a big problem especially if you want people to consider buying the quest package.

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We are fixing this in our upcoming app store update - I will post the patch notes shortly.

I see the update in the patch notes but what about the loss of progression in quests that we have experienced?

The quests didn’t reset again for the second day in a row, this is costing daily rewards and progression along the quest pass reward tree that we cannot make up. Should we ticket this too for recompense. Finishing dailies, at least enough to get to the final daily rewards was easy and any time I actually had the quests I completed it.

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