Daily multiplayer rewards

I’m sorry guys, but the only fun part of the game left is the events. Playing the arenas is very boring and pointless once you’ve completed your three wins. Yes, you still can get coins, but it just doesn’t feel rewarding and is monotonous. We need to bring back the option of refreshing. I understand the main reason for the update was to fix matchmaking (which is even more boring and way too easy now) but only allowing us to receive actual rewards once every 24 hours really makes multiplayer pointless.

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The game is pointless in general right now it’s just not the enjoyable game it was any more.


Thank you for the feedback. Agree it’s feeling a little flat.

re: arena difficulty. we rolled out some stuff today which we hope will address some of it.

It’s not about difficulty it’s about lack of 2v2 and capping too early and no way to extend it and no real impact of ranking.


Rewarded and ranked 2v2 is what I enjoyed about the game. Sure it had matchmaking difficulties but I think the arena dynamic can be implemented to 2v2. What if you were allowed to place a wager on yourself winning prior to a 2v2 matchup and winner takes all? Each arena having a cap of how much you can bet and have It so after a 3x win steak that opponents can run boosted decks. That would freshen the game up and get people social again #feedback

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I understand you feel that way, but I don’t believe everyone does (she literally wrote “even more boring and way too easy now”.) We looked into it and analyzed winrates by arena and we decided the feedback was correct and we should be able to do something about it pretty easily.

Until yesterday, people playing in the highest arena were in aggregate, generally experiencing a 80%+ winrate. Previously, even our very most skilled top top top skilled players boasted a ~70% winrate. IMO, when everyone is getting 10% higher winrate than that, yes, it’s just way too easy.

Not only is this boring for people in the highest areas, this had very bad implications for the people being boosted upward — other lower arenas were experiencing terrible 20-30% winrates. We stopped doing so much boosting to even things out a bit and have people play more with people within their own range of arena.

We couldn’t leave this the way it is – given how easily we could tweak the parameters, it wasn’t right to leave it.

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