DAE find this event deck roster

… to be clumsy af? Don’t get me wrong, the chaos is sort of hilarious and has given rise to some crazy strategies. But I can’t help feeling super scrappy in this event setup :joy:

Yes I agree with ya there. One of the big things is to take 3 punchers and 3 zoom to a barricade because of the lack of anti air.

Are we talking about the madness event? Because I agree this event was basically decided by luck. I’ve won first place last 4 events and came in fourth this event because I’ve lost so much. The event was basically decided by who got madness first and by whose base.

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Yeah, the roster to choose from was crazy. I never found a strategy I’d want anyone to review :joy: Basically, I ended up feeding my opponent’s big units Val bots and then Madness —> Freeze —> Shadowblade, with Punchbox/Zoom as a backup offense. Sooooo scrub.

But punch box zoom was best offense in my opinion cause there went many anti air

It definitely was, but just not fast enough unless the cards dropped perfectly.