Currency Chaos!



‘Upgrade’ is constantly greyed out.
I’ve accumulated tens of thousands of coins and can’t seem to spend them.
I have almost zero gem-things.
I can’t change coins for gem-things.

Is the game principle here that you must simply have ‘enough’ coins to pay the upgrade price once you’ve eventually earned it through victories (and ONLY through victories etc) etc?
Or are you supposed to be able to purchase upgrades with coins as and when you have the coins.
Can you somehow use coins to buy gems?
If not then why/how have I generated this surplus coinage?



Assuming you have enough coins, you only need to have the required number of copies of a unit card to upgrade them. See if this article helps. If not, could you screenshot what you’re seeing? That could be helpful so we can see what you’re seeing.


Meanwhile I’m sitting here with no coins and 49 things to upgrade and my next card I’m going for needs 110k coins lol


OK - so here’s Pancake, eg. with a greyed out ‘upgrade’. I get (I think!) that through victories & hence chest goodies I gain a ‘point’ - giving me, in this case, 2/5 next time - and then when I get to 5/5 on the green bar I can then upgrade and also that this requires the stated amount of coins to do so. But can I speed up this process by selecting a unit and actively spending coins to upgrade (eg from 1/5 to 2/5) at any time instead of waiting to accumulate chest goodies in an arbitrary way? It seems I have a ludicrous amount of useless coins and I’m wondering if that’s normal or, not being au fait with classic card RPGs!, I’m missing something fundamental. Thanks again. What fun.


To be clear(-er) I’ve 17,000 or so coins and have yet to find any way of spending them anywhere in-game.


Ah, it’s because you don’t have enough copies of that card. You will need to collect enough from chests and events to fill the green bar before you can upgrade. For what it’s worth, those coins will only become more and more valuable as you continue to upgrade your units!


So you’re saying - I can’t just select Pancake and buy cards to bring it up to 2/5, instead I play and just wait to see what cards I randomly happen to win?, and you’re also saying it’s normal to have this much coinage early on but as the game progresses the upgrades get more pricey so what looks like a lot of coins right now will in fact be used up more quickly … ?


Truly sorry about that, Crispy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, the cost increases based on card rarity and level. Legendary cards cost 150k to go from level 16-17


Got it - cheers. Many more sleepless nights it is then :crazy_face:

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